Follow the Prize Patrol on August 31st!

You may have heard that the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol likes to keep PCH fans up to date, but did you know that they even keep in touch with fans while on the road?  If you “like” our PCH Fan page, you may have seen that during past giveaways Danielle, Todd, and Dave like to post hints about where they are as they make their way to the winner.  Sometimes they will report the weather in the winner’s state. Sometimes they post fun facts about the state. By doing this, the Prize Patrol gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to travel the country delivering Big Checks to lucky PCH Sweepstakes winners! If you follow all the clues you may even be able to guess where the winner lives before the Prize Patrol even gets to the door!

But the Prize Patrol wants to make this August 31st Giveaway even more special!  As they get ready for dispatch on August 31st, and as Danielle gets used to using her new smart phone, we’d like to know what kind of video updates you’d like to see on the PCH Fan page.  While the Prize Patrol will still post their usual hints on the PCH Fan page, we want your suggestions as to which of the following video updates you’d be most interested in.  You can leave your vote in the comments below! You can also visit any of our Fan pages in the coming days to vote in the same poll.

When would you like the Prize Patrol to post a video update?

-When they arrive at the airport

-When they put the Prize Patrol sign on the van

-When they purchase the flowers for the winner

But that’s not all! In addition to these behind-the-scenes videos, the Prize Patrol wants to interact with fans even more during the big August 31st SuperPrize Giveaway!  For the first time ever in PCH history, the Prize Patrol will be giving PCH fans the chance to ask them questions on our PCH Fan page.  And guess what? Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane will be looking at your questions from the road and giving you answers live on video!  If you haven’t been on our PCH Fan page yet, you should “Like” the Publishers Clearing House Fan page today so you can get up close and personal with the Prize Patrol on August 31st!  And be sure to check in with us on the PCH Fan page regularly on August 31st.  Don’t miss out on these fun activities!

Victoria Zimmerman

170 thoughts on “Follow the Prize Patrol on August 31st!”

  1. James miller says:

    Pch i would love to see the prize patrol come knocking on my door August 31st. It will be a dream come true for me and my family.

  2. Tonya Richardson says:

    Hello prize patrol Danielle, Dave and Todd I’ll definitely be following you on here each day to see who is the winner and I hope that someone in the Washington DC area be the winner “Nina Richardson” my mom I want here to be the winner for the forever prize that would be a life changing thing for my mom and also for the rest of our family I pray to God and Jesus that on this day of August 31 we be the winner of WASHINGTON DC!!!!!!

  3. Brenda m says:

    Hi Prize Patrol Danielle, Dave, Todd .. Ill be following you on the 31st Aug. The Fan Page see you their…


    Hi Danielle, Dave, Todd, and Howie. I am getting excited about August 31st and to see if I am yur PCH GWY #6900 winner. I can really use the money right now. I would like to answer your question about when I want to be notified. I want to know when you put the sign on the van that you are coming to Sarasota, FL. I would love tp receive the beautiful long-stemmed roses, champagne, and the BIG CHECK. I am praying now for a safe trip on the road to Sarasota, FL. God BLESS ALL OF YOU and I am waiting patiently to receive you at my door. Drive safely and especially in FLORIDA.

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