Got Bills? Turn Them Into Dollar Bills!



Got bills? Who doesn’t! But isn’t it time you turned them into the good ones ­– dollar bills!

Become the next winner of our Online Sweepstakes and turn bills to pay into dollar bills!

I hate getting bills to pay! There’s nothing I dread more. I’ll be happily checking my mail, looking for an exciting Publishers Clearing House package or a note from a friend, and then I notice I got bills. Rent, phone, medical, they’re all such a drag. And the worst part is, just when you think you’re done paying them, they come again the next month!

What about you…you got bills too, right? Of course you do, and I’m quite certain everyone hates them like I do. In fact, sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother who could just say “poof” and make them all disappear!

Well unfortunately, I haven’t seen any proof that fairy godmothers exist, but I know something else that definitely exists and is even better – the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol of course! They use Online Sweepstakes money to turn bills to pay into the kind you want … dollars! You know, the crisp green ones with Ben Franklin and Ulysses S. Grant on them. And they’re always looking for their next winner!

In fact, this August 31st, the Prize Patrol is prepared to award our next winner with an incredible $5000 A Week For Life in the Online Sweepstakes! Now that’s a whole lot of dollars, enough to cover all those debts and so much more. And the best part is, they keep coming week after week after week!

So if you got bills and want to turn them into dollar bills, enter to win the Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes today at! The Prize Patrol could end up surprising you as the next winner, and then the only bills you’d have stacking up would be the good ones!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative



119 thoughts on “Got Bills? Turn Them Into Dollar Bills!”

  1. All of us has bills to pay, I hope the PCH every body will be a winner but it is emposible to happen. The only thing we need to do is just fallow the rules.

  2. Joseph says:

    I don’t even know where to stat.. I would first pay off these student loans that I just took out, to start school in march. Then I would help my mother get this house fix. (Which) is a million tasks in one then I would get a home for my family that has moved from 2 to 3 last month. Then I would buy a beautiful ring for my gf to bind our fimily. And I think I’mm stop there before this goes from blog to Fantasy.

  3. ira. faulkner says:

    I would pay utility bills I hacen had electric and gas in i dont know how Long with no income at all geta dark and cold fast That would be The first Bill I would pay and to win super prize would change my whole life

  4. Gerri Wilson says:

    I would pay off my house,give money to the children hospital, help my family, get health insurance, take care of some medical things. Give thanks to God for what I have.

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