Prize Patrol Answers Your Questions This August 31st!

Does Dave Sayer wear lucky socks the day he awards a millionaire-making SuperPrize®? How does Todd Sloane mentally prepare for answering the questions of TV reporters? What’s Danielle Lam’s biggest “winning moment” worry?

For the first time ever, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol will be answering your questions on the PCH Fan Page this August 31st – Winning Moment Day!

All day the Prize Patrol will be posting video updates leading up to the millionaire-making winning moment. They’ll be answering your questions and providing tantalizing clues as to where they are and where the August 31st winning moment will happen!

Prize Patrol members Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam will be using a smart phone to post videos to give you an unprecedented insider’s look into how the Prize Patrol makes those magical winning moments happen.

Go to the PCH Fan Page to check in on the Prize Patrol and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you see and hear. For example, it may seem glamorous to be a member of the Prize Patrol and in some ways it is. Dave, Todd and Danielle travel all across the country, are often on television and get to change the lives of folks just like you when they deliver millionaire-making “Big Checks.” But it’s hard work, too!

There are long plane rides, hours of driving the Prize Patrol Van, locating the winner if he or she is not home, getting lost on unmarked roads, and that’s just for starters! Now, courtesy of our Fan Page, you’ll have an insider’s look at all the fun, excitement and life-changing thrills that the winning moment day brings!

What question might you be burning to ask the members of the Prize Patrol:

  • What is your funniest travel experience?
  • What was the strangest question someone ever asked on the road?
  • Have acts of nature ever made it difficult for you to deliver a “Big Check”?

So, make sure you visit the PCH Fan Page on August 31st to participate in this FIRST EVER event. I just can’t think of a better way for you to see how real people really win. Plus it could very well help keep you motivated so that you enter to win as often as you can. Who knows, getting to know the Prize Patrol better may just help prepare you for YOUR OWN life-changing winning moment!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

126 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Answers Your Questions This August 31st!”

  1. Robert Perelman I hope to win and I need to buy new car and new furniture and I will pay my bills and I hope to win more prizes sooner.

  2. Man. I hope I win today

  3. Jessica Zaragoza says:

    If your a winner , and live in a apartment complex? And they have gates , how would you come in ? And how would you know where the winner lives?

  4. Andrew Miller says:

    How do i know if i was entered? It just kept giving me more offers and then no choice to go on

  5. Michaela G. says:

    So very exciting and GOOD LUCK to all the wonderful people that have entered everyday!!!

  6. ciara campbell says:

    i never win anything.

  7. Brande Burns says:

    Stopped submitting entries a cpl years back . Hard to keep up using a public computer of limited time alongside job hunting. Stricken with crisises .Felt out of my league cause of age and to be thought naive. But, I’m zealous to try again and that the universe see heart! Would like to go back to college. Move my family into a community where interracial relationships are accepted. Send my children to good schools and lessons. have a car, visit my father’s grave for first time and more often, have my mother’s urn entrusted to me. Give back to the people that helped me get by. I’m a stay at home mother of two. Didn’t mean to go on. Bless and Thank You All!! Best Wishes To Everyone!!!

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