Publishers Clearing House Fraud Prevention Alert

Publishers Clearing House fraud prevention tips could pay off big by saving you from being fooled by imitators.

From time to time we like to remind consumers that it is always in your best interest to keep yourselves informed and protected from various sweepstakes frauds and schemes that may pose as legitimate sweepstakes offers.

Publishers Clearing House has been in business since 1953 and has awarded over $227 million in sweepstakes prizes to consumers from coast to coast.  While we understand that not every single recipient of a PCH promotional offer can win a major sweepstakes prize, we do believe all consumers can become winners by protecting themselves against fraud!

Telephone, internet and fake check scams that illegally and fraudulently use the name of legitimate sweepstakes are of great concern to Publishers Clearing House.  At PCH we hear from folks from all walks of life and from all across the country.  They contact us to report receiving an email, a phone call, or a fake check with a letter – – many illegally using our name and falsely claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House – – all in an attempt to deceive and mislead.  The common thread in these scams is that the consumer is asked to send money to collect what turns out to be a bogus and non-existent prize.

Here are 3 Important Publishers Clearing House Fraud Prevention Tips to remember:

  1. At Publishers Clearing House, or any legitimate sweepstakes, the winning is always free and there is never a requirement to order or pay any amount to enter, win or collect a prize award.  To put it simply … If it is not free, it is not a legitimate prize!
  2. If you are ever contacted by mail, phone or email by someone claiming to be with PCH – and are asked to send or wire money to claim a prize – HANG UP!  You have not heard from the real PCH!
  3. To report a scam contact you may contact PCH at 1-800-392-4190, or you can email us at

For more information please visit us at and read more about what PCH is doing to educate and protect consumers, while fighting back against the fraudsters!


Margaret Crossan

PCH Consumer Affairs Department



73 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House Fraud Prevention Alert”

  1. Gerald conley says:

    Seem to get fake app.s look like u guys .like taking over u guys games..

  2. Diana McCafferty says:

    This is getting ridiculous!!! These scammers have infiltrated every socks Media site and set up an account in the name of Publishers Clearing House. We no longer know who’s real and who’s not. These scammers have hacked into the office’s of PCH and stolen personal information about your customers. They have access to names, addressees, phone numbers and email addresses. I’ve had to contact my bank and file a report. Why is no one taking this seriously at PCH? I feel violated. They need to be stopped!!! My name is Diana McCafferty and I’ve been with Publishers Clearing House for 10 or more years… Nothing like this has ever happened to me. di

  3. Crystal Scheef says:

    Beware two new name are showing up on facebook with friend requests. The first is Todd Sloanepch and the second one is Danielle Lam At-pch. I have had friend request from both of these in the last 2 days. Just thought you might want to know!!!

  4. howard says:

    alert there is a guy on facebook claiming to be a pch representative telling people that they are on the winning list and then saying if u pay one of the amounts to fedex you will get more money then you paid I will copy and paste his message here his fb name is Smith Brian also he has a aka jonh Anderson here is what he said to me ——

    HIM )
    You have to pay for case file fee and the shipping fund, so
    that we can bring the money to your door step in the next 24 hours
    from now,’

    and how much is that
    you will need to select your claim choice
    You pay $800 and get $70,000.00
    You pay $1000 and get $90,000.00
    You pay $1500 and get $100,000.00
    You pay $2000 and get $150,000.00
    You pay $3500 and get $250,000.00
    You pay $4000 and get $300,000.00
    You pay $5000 and get $400,000.00
    You pay $6000 and get $500,000.00
    You pay $7000 and get $600,000.00
    You pay $8500 and get $700,000.00,


  5. Emmitt Bryson says:

    I won $100.00 for getting alot of tokens. I received the check in the mail, i went to walmart n they couldnt cash it. I wanna know is this a real check or is it fraud.

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