A Life Changing Day For Larry Brown

August 31st, 2011 was a life-changing date for Larry Brown of Granite City, IL: that’s the day that the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol knocked on his door and named him our newest $1 Million winner.

Whoops!  We never got as far as his front door.  From inside Larry and his wife Audrey saw the Prize Patrol marching across their lawn — with video-cameramen and reporters in tow — and raced to the front porch to greet us.  And what a greeting we got!  I didn’t even have a chance to introduce ourselves.   Our winner excitedly announced, “I’m Larry Brown!”

When I held up the Big Check, Larry couldn’t believe it.  “Thank you!  Thank you!  It’s a miracle,” he cried as Audrey stood by in amazement.

Larry was also quick to hold up his life-changing $1Million Big Check for all the neighbors to see.  “Now I know it’s real!” he cried.  Audrey might have been skeptical at times; but on this day, as she smelled the giant bouquet of red roses, she had to admit, “I will never doubt you again, Larry Brown!”

The Browns are excited by the prospect of starting a small business with their prize money and helping out their family with college expenses.  They may also explore moving from this industrial town where Larry has lived all his life (just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis) to a southern climate.  But first they are thrilled to be able to simply pay off their bills.

You can get a sense of the life-changing winning moment excitement by clicking on this link to pchtv.com. And you can see TV news coverage at the KLPR 11 St. Louis site and read the local newspaper story at The Telegraph’s site.

Larry told us he has been entering the PCH Sweepstakes for thirty of his 53 years.  You can see that persistence and frequent entries can REALLY pay off!  Recently he has entered our fabulous sweepstakes faithfully by going online to enter at pch.com and PCH Search & Win.  I invite you to do the same: ENTER!  And maybe YOU will be the next Publishers Clearing House winner of a life-changing $1 Million prize!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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Lauralee Hensley said...

Common Sense people Mr. & Mrs. Larry Brown, their plans for the money sound very practical.
I’m glad they won because it sound like they are going to put the money to good use.

Michelle Weiss said...

Good luck to you Larry Brown on starting your own business! That will be an exciting venture!

Michael Rolle said...

this was to close of a win for Mr. brown wish it was me but! Hey look on the bright side the windy city Won congrat to L. brown you did it!

Jeannette Olson said...

Congrats again Larry so excited for you and your family!!!!!!!


Mr. Dave Sayer,
Prize Patrol Ambassador

I just finished reading the wonderful story of Mr. Larry Brown & his family! When I was watching the video for the first time on August 31st, 2011 it really touched my heart to see such joy & happiness! I couldn’t stop smiling as I knew for a fact that they were feeling like they were the luckiest people in the world and that was seen on that video! You all captured that moment :)

The saying goes, “Money is not what life is all about and this is true but it does make a major change in one’s life when they sincerely need it!”

Thank you Publishers Clearing House for bringing Mr. Larry Brown’s family the joy & happiness we all saw that day!

*As I’ve always said, “Publishers Clearing House” is, “EXCELLENCE AT ITS VERY BEST!”

Respectfully & Sincerely,

Chris Johnson said...

Congratulations Larry!! That is Awesome!! Maybe they will let you bring one of those to me..lol.

Sencerely, I’m so happy for you and your family!! Have a great Year (or better) :oP

CJ…Murfreesboro, TN

Martha said...

Larry Congratulations!! I believe that one day my turn will come because I faithfully submitt my entries too and it has been yrs for me too. And yes it is a miracle because you believe and didn’t stop believing. Just the same way I will continue to believe that dreams do come true. Use your money wisely. God bless you and your family. I am happy for you. SMILE :)

Diana Hanlon said...

I’m happy for Larry Brown hope to see my self in that picture and be set for life just like him yahoo. Dave and Danielle you guys are doing a good job and keep up the good work.

kristina bryson said...

its cool in all, i cant believe it took him 30 years to win.So is that going to happen to everyone else who enters eveyday and wants to win. Ive been playing for 9years and i guess i have 21 years to go… I wish larry the best and hope his dream is good for him. it is really depressing when you enter in eveything pch gives you and you cant win….

loretta borders said...

I can only say my winning the PCH is only a imagine……
My Mom played until she passed away faithfully and I have been doing it alone for many years now. I loved that the Brown’s won and I hope to share that kind of joy with my family as well. God Bless you Brown’s family!
I am a believer, I have the panaramic view that PCH will come to visit me and my dog Jack soon. B IG THUMBS UP FOR PCH AND STAFF!

Curtis Martin said...

You the MAN Larry! Now you can go out and do all the things you always wanted to do and more.

gail block said...

random picked in the same states over and over hmmm

Linda Giannone said...

Congratulations Larry! Enjoy your new found wealth! Best Wishes for you and your family.

Maureen Sousa said...

I can only agree with Loretta Borders, as I have entered with my Mom since 1967 & then on my own with a few differnt names for many years after that..so I am a faithful entrant!!!!

I have only found PCH.com in the past year 1/2 & enter religiously every day..at EVery opportunity that I can find!!!!

I can only have FAITH that someday I can win!! That is all I pray for every day… It would help out my situation to a means that no-one but God & me could understand!!!!

My congrats to those that have been so patient & persitent in entering PCH,& have won.. as I have myself for many years ( although it might be not recognizable in your records)

Patience, Persitence & Faith…

I have freinds that have entered also for many years…but they have given up on the pateince & persistence,,, but I keep telling them to have faith!!!

They just told my hubby the other day… that maybe SOMEDAY I would win, cause that is what I have that they don’t (( FAITH))..

Good Luck to ALL ( AGAIN on this NEXT big win)


Theresa Diggs said...

To Victoria @ PCH

I have been receiving PCH entries via e-mail since 1989 or 1990. Now all of a sudden I only receive PCH surveys. Can you tell me why because I’m dsparte to win.

Tom Vicari said...

I’m sorry, but your progam is not working. ang through the initial $10M phase, but itthen hangs up at the 25K, and won’t load Thus I cannot enter an of the other offerings. PLEASE check your program, okay??



Michelle Harrison said...

The pch sweepstakes entries that I received in the mail led me to believe that someone in my hometown of Philadelphia,PA with the initials M.H. would be the winner! So what’s up with that!

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Michelle,

    You are referring to two different Giveaways. 210 Local Area winners were notified by UPS letters last week. The Initials Giveaway does not end until 2/29/12. We will not be selecting winners for this contest until March of 2012.

    Best Wishes,
    Victoria At PCH

Cindy Bonneau said...

Whenever I see the picture of Larry Brown holding the Million Dollar Check, it reminds me of this quote someone sent to me over 12 years ago…”A SMILE”
The thing that goes the farhest towards making life worthwhile. That costs the least yet does the most is just a Pleasant Smile. It’s full of worth and goodness too, with congenial kindness blent, It’s worth a MILLION DOLLARS and doesn’t cost a cent.
Looks like you got both Mr. Larry Brown, and GREAT HONEST AND SINCERE SMILE you have!
It is the only thing that truly matters nowadays.. *smile* BE HAPPY (*laughing*) Have a GREAT DAY everyone! Off to work I go..

carolyn Roach said...

congratulations Larry and Audrey. As a neighbor of you and your mother for many years I know you are hard working people and certainly deserve this blessing. Enjoycarolyn

Maureen Sousa said...

I am so glad that someone who KNOWS the winners FINALLY wrote in to the blog!!!!

That poves more that REAL people win this prize & that PCH is REAL!!! as Larry said!!!

Thanks Carolyn!!!!

ruby archer said...

i have wished for smething good to happen for me, i hope someday i can have something good to happen for me but if its not your turn yu just have to wait, i am glad larry brown got his winning moment, god bless you larry, an god bless the the prize patrol be careful where ever you go, your frend ruby archer

ruby archer said...

i am going on a journy to tracy in the bedroom, i am going to wake him up to give him his medicine wish me good luck, i’ll need it,i was up till 5 o,clock in the morning niht before last, it was heck, well good night everybody, i hope it is. ruby archer

Marcel Glickman said...

Congratulations, Larry and Audrey Brown. You are the perfect example of patience and hope, and that is why I keep on playing….