Las Vegas SLots

Las Vegas SLots

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  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Love to be a Las Vegas Sweetie

  2. marjorie says:

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    Las Vegas SLots this is marjorie iam going to vegas some time soon hop to see ya there or at my house on the 28 of this mouth

  3. marjorie says:

    i love Vegas slot iamlove winning big

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    I’ve been to Vegas before I Love the slots

  5. I need to bring my score up on the las Vagus slots and I can win . Hey Guys and Gals you need to go play the slots to try to win. It is fun you have slot machines of all kinds. Some real money and free games with tokens and you will have fun playing. I do .I am enjoying playing on my I Pad as well. I like to go sit down with a nice cup of coffee and play my slots and I am trying to win some money next week they are having a special where we can play for every one.Starting Sunday night through the folling Sunday night. So don’t miss a day or you can’t win go every day . That is what I am going to do. Come and join me. Thanks PCH for making this possible. I hope I win some real money for a change.
    Brenda Carlton

  6. How nice of you to put all of my little comments up thanks . It is true I love the slots and there fun . and I get to relax now with them on my I Pad . Guys go to the Las Vagus free or money slots and play there so much fun and you can make money and the special starting Sunday night you can get real money on that cite so go try and maybe you will make a few dollars. I am going to try and remember you have to be there every day . Don’t skip or you wont get money but you can have a chance for real money if you will show up every day and try if you don’t you can’t win Sunday night until the next Sunday night
    Brenda Carlton

  7. Hey Everyone Have you Played the Las Vagus slots there so much fun and you can even make money at time especially if you play every day this week coming up Monday through Sunday Night. GO try it out after you have done all of PCH games. Thanks PHC for being there when I need you guys Most.
    Brenda Carlton

  8. It is so much fun to play the Las Vagus slots. I never have been to Las Vagus and how I would Love to go but with my the problems I have to my house I guess I will not be able to go any time soon. Maybe one day. I want to travel some IF I win I will go on a vacation and see the world that God made.What a retest his is The color in things and if you look at them long you can see just how great God is . I am a artist but I can’t paint like he does. Thanks PCH for letting me me talk. I will do better when I have some rest. People Go Play the slots. there fun .Brenda Carlton

  9. I really do love the slots there lots of fun and you can make money if your consistent in playing a lot and when I start I don’t like to but I have to watch how much I spend. I have won up to 40Million Dollars but that isn’t all cash it is for playingBrenda Crlton

  10. nancywyatt says:

    I was playing slots befor I go tangel up with that and I won over and over my friend said diane your piaying for real I thought I was just playing she said ever one in vages was talking sorry I thout I was jut playing dot kmow to do mabout thatdiane wyatt white dove

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