Win Ten Million & Hit Baseball Salaries Out of the Park

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A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying one of my friends to a New York Mets game at Citifield stadium. Unfortunately, they lost 3-2 to Washington. But don’t expect a play-by-play from me. While I am without a doubt a Mets fan, I have to be honest about the kind of sports fan I am in general. I’m much more of a let’s-go-to-the-game-to-grab-a-hotdog-and-look-at-the-cute-players girl, than a passionate, edge-of-my-seat fan. I get bored by things that other fans go crazy for like player stats, rankings, etc. But one thing that does fascinate me about baseball – other than the cute players, of course – is baseball salaries. They’re astronomical!

It’s been reported that the average salary for a player on the New York Mets is over $4 Million! And the baseball salaries for that other team in New York (you know, the New York Yankees) have been reported at over $6 Million!  Can you even imagine…getting paid huge sums of money like that just for doing what you love? Only problem is, you’ve got to have skills like a New York Yankees short-stop.  And let’s face it, not many of us do.

But as always, I have good news for all of you! Not the next baseball superstar? Don’t worry! You can make your millions without playing for the New York Mets or New York Yankees! How? By winning the Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes, of course!

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Amanda C.

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20 thoughts on “Win Ten Million & Hit Baseball Salaries Out of the Park”

  1. Amanda Collins says:

    I wish upon a star tonight that the 10,000.000.00 prize shine so bright and my dream of this super prize do come true.

  2. KAY BYERS says:

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  3. kenneth lucas says:

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  4. Sally says:

    I like to win money so I can start my life over my husband died 3 years ago there is a guy I would like to go to the beach with this guy to see where it goes please let me win this is Sally samples

  5. Luann Reniska says:

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  6. Catina King says:

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  7. JAY LUCIANO says:

    pch i can only hope to win this 10 mill seeeps love pch jay luciano

  8. Fred Storms says:

    Where to “WE” go to enter the ten million dollar game?

    If this is an entery site for the game sign me up. But, QUIT confusing us.

    fred stormsw

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Fred,

      You can use this link to get to the $10,000,000.00 Giveaway:

      Victoria At PCH

  9. foresteen walker says:

    hi this your superfan forestee walker i would love hit love to hit baseball salaries just buy me a new house for me and me son and i getting ready to be a frist time grandmother with twin i always say i have two kids under the age 18 living with me cause we that be born in april they will i would like grow up in a different life from mlnd i love dog n fishes and i;m renting and i can;t have none of that here love to win for i can buy house for me and my grandkids (so to the Mertz family and publisher clearing family happy new year your superfan….foresteen walker)…have fun and be safe(smile)

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