The Look On Your Face If You Win


What would the look on your face be if the PCH Prize Patrol surprised you as the next winner of the PCH Sweepstakes?

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol has awarded a lot of prize money to a lot of sweepstakes winners in a lot of different places. And while their routine is essentially the same every time, the winning moment is never predictable. Will the winner be home? What will they say? How will they feel?

One thing that’s always changing about the winning moment is the look on the face of a PCH winner. Check out some of our past winning moments at PCHTV, and you’ll see what I like to call the “many faces” of our sweepstakes winners. The happy face, the shocked face and the crying face are just a few of my favorites.

I wonder, PCH fans, what your expression would be if you were the next winner of our online sweepstakes. That’s right, I’m asking you: if the Prize Patrol surprised you as our next SuperPrize winner, would you go with a complete ear-to-ear grin that shows off every single one of your pearly whites. Or would you go with a shocked look? You know the one where your jaw is practically hitting the floor. Or maybe cry full-out tears of joy?

Whether it’s happy, shocked, crying, or something we’ve never seen before, one thing would be certain: the look on your face would be priceless. It always is for our sweepstakes winners! And how could it not be? Winning the PCH Sweepstakes changes your life for the better – forever!

So c’mon friends, if you haven’t already entered today, get over to right now! The Prize Patrol could end up surprising you as the next millionaire winner. And in the meantime, start thinking about what your reaction would be would be if you won!


Good luck!


Amanda C.

PCH Creative


P.S.  Now you can show us what you think the look on your face would be if you win!  Visit our PCH Facebook page to find out about our “My Winning Moment” photo contest!



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