Behind the Scenes at PCH HQ: A Day in the Life of a PCH Employee

At PCH, we know that our fans are curious about our world at PCH headquarters.  Today, you can see what it’s like to work at Publishers Clearing House! Follow me as I take you on a typical day in the life of a PCH employee.

Around 9:00, I arrive in Port Washington, NY. One of my favorite things about PCH HQ is the lovely traffic circle pond! How peaceful does it look?

PCH Behind the Scenes
After parking my car, I walk up to the main doors. It’s a beautiful day!

In the morning, I usually wander into my office, wishing Victoria Zimmerman a good morning. As my computer starts up, I head to the cafeteria to grab some warm tea (I don’t like coffee) in my cute daisy mug!

PCH Behind the Scenes

Once I’m settled, it’s time to get to work! I check emails, log into Facebook to see what everyone’s been up to during the night and early morning, and make sure this blog and the PCHSearch&Win blog are up to date! Victoria and I spend our mornings answering queries and interacting with our passionate fans on the PCH Fan Pages. I love talking to fans all day – it feels like I’m being paid to hang out with friends!

Lunch time rolls around and we’re hungry! Victoria and I like to eat outside, weather permitting, but now that it’s getting colder, we’ll be spending more time in our cafeteria. There are lots of tables, 4 TVS, and even an area for games like pool, foosball, and ping pong! It’s a great place to take a break and blow off some steam if we’re feeling stressed. We have vending machines, a coffee station, and some great lunch options every day.

PCH Behind the Scenes

Of course, there are plenty of meetings to attend throughout the week. There are lots of conference rooms throughout the building. Here’s where we sit around and discuss our big plans for the SuperPrize, Fan page contests, and even blog topics!

PCH Behind the Scenes

On the way back to my office, I might just pass the Prize Patrol storage room. What’s that you ask? It’s a tightly locked room that contains Prize Patrol goodies – uniforms, the van sign, PCH pens, etc. Personally, I didn’t even know it existed until Danielle Lam pointed it out to me. It just blends into the hallway walls so well! That’s probably so it is harder to find and therefore harder to break into. Here is Danielle at the door to the room:

PCH Behind the Scenes

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the PCH building. This is where the Creative team sits – I bet looking at the greenery and basking in the sun really gets those creative juices flowing! How many offices do you know that have its own little forest growing inside?

PCH Behind the Scenes

And it’s back to my desk to continue working! 5 o’clock rolls around and that’s when PCH employees start making moves to leave. Not everyone goes – sometimes we have to stay late to finish up work – but the office feels pretty empty by 6 o’clock. The end of another day at Publishers Clearing House!

Laura Wolfe

P.S. Did you like this inside look at PCH HQ? What else would you like to see or hear about? Let us know in the comments or tell us at our PCH Fan page.

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Maureen Sousa said...

Hi Laura!!!!

I think anyone would feel LUCKY just working at PCH Headquarters!!

Your place is awesome!!!

Thanks so much for showing us!!


Anna Baeza said...

What i’d like to know who check’s the entery’s for the mailing that people send out through the mail or the internet Who makes the choice of who the winner will be next.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hello Anna,

    PCH winners are selected from random drawings whether they enter through the mail or online. Each entry has the same chance of winning!

    I hope this helps,
    Victoria At PCH

Lauralee Hensley said...

I liked looking at the PCH headquarters. Nice about the pond. Do you guys get ducks and geese flying in and making little nests around the pond area?

    Laura At PCH said...

    Hi Lauralee,

    That is a good question! I’ve never noticed but then again, I probably haven’t really looked. I’ll keep an eye out for some nesting ducks and geese :)

    Laura At PCH

A b said...

I would like to see the office where all the mailling entries are processed. And it would also please to see the office where all the drawings are taking place.

CR in the "show-me" state said...

awww man! …LOL

guess I’m the 600th person to find the answer here. bet a lot of others have been here already.

{quick snap-of-my-finger} Ugh! just missed that 500bucks! lol

WOW! an office in the “wild”…I like that. I could be very creative there! until I see some big 49pound jungle-bug thin FLYING over head. …LOL…just kidding!

hey Danielle, you don’t wanna open that Prize Patrol storage door. in fact don’t even knock! …I promise you if you do I WILL ANSWER screaming all crazy-frantic cause I ani’t been burrowing that way for nothin. LOL

lol…I know Danielle carries flowers sometime when out with the partol, BUT she carries flowers every day to get TEA!?!…her cup cracks me up! heh-heh

I so love that traffic circle pond!…a great view from a nearby bench I bet. great for meditating on far away dream vcations!

in the meeting room those chairs make for easy to handle longtime pow-wows. they scream COMFORT!…LOL…like that they roll to. heeheehee

on my way out of the this post I think I’ll stop by and take a piece of that pie on the cafateria table there. LOL….didn’t think I’d notice huh? lol…should take the apple TOO! …lol

Lillian Logan said...

I believe mostly anyone would love to work at PCH. It’s location is a beautiful place and also it appears to be a nice company to work for.

Thanks for sharing the information.

cheryl said...

I agree with A b I would like to see were the mailings are processed and the office were the drawings are taking place.

DeLayne Perry said...

WOW! This was great Laura!! Thanks for the little tour and insight to your day at work~ nice, pleasant atmosphere. It seems like a job fit for royalty! :D What I would really love to see is a current picture of the bingo-like spinning cage that the winners used to be picked from. Is it in the ‘tightly locked’ storage room? and… thanks for the scavenger clue… lol!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Elite said...

Laura I love this blog! It truly conveys the feeling of what it is like to come to work every day at PCH Headquarters :)

ruby archer said...

that was a very nice showing, you are very lucky to work for pch,i would love to do surveys for pch i would feel like a very luky person, but i know it is a silly dream, i would never be that lucky, have a nice day everyone, hope i win some day that would be super nice, ruby archer, i’ll keep dreaming

Linda Giannone said...

A great way to connect with fans & customers! The more they know about PCH the better the relationship.
Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed it!

sharon milton said...

i want to known,if my name is on the short list of peoples who enter in a timely manner for the october 31,2011 drawing,will i receive a letter from ups or the postal service before the drawing, if so how many weeks before the prize is awarded. please respond

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hello Sharon,

    There will not be a short list associated with the October 31st sweepstakes. But in the even that there is a short list, you will receive a letter from UPS close to the award date of the prize.

    Victoria At PCH

John Wilkes said...

Dear Sir/Madam, Can you tell me how much a $10.00 Gift certificate is worth in terms of points on your pchsurveys program? It is not disclosed in your TOS. Again, what is the approximate monetary value of your point system in pchsurveys program> Thanks. I had to email you here because noone will respond from the pchsurveys help email.

Robert Boutin said...

Your company seems to be the headquarters for a lot of other company’s that sells stuff…and if you don’t buy anything, then guess what?
Of course we would like to win “something”…just to show our friends and family that you are “real”…and why is it when you do show a winner, no-one knows who it is…must be a bunch of actors I tell my wife.
However, it always good to dream…and I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore stuff.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Robert,

    PCH is a legitimate sweepstakes company. There is absolutely no purchase necessary to enter or to win any PCH sweepstakes. Over the years, Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $233 Million in prizes to people all over the United States and Canada. The people you see in their winning moment videos on are real winners, not actors. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

    Victoria At PCH


i wish you would pull the winner on t.v. so every one can see who the winners are.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Joyce,

    We don’t draw the winners on TV because we want the winners to be surprised when the Prize Patrol shows up at his or her door. We think that’s very fun!

    Victoria At PCH


i would like to everyone at the board to chose me

Maxine Naylor said...

This new game you have at the end of the spinning game is BS!!!! I spun the will 13 times, 3 times it landed on $5 then when I tried to collect it jumped to a spin. What a cheat!! I just realized that I am being cheated!!!

keeble walker said...

Why they do that: Yes her standing at the PCH Vault door, black tight pants, and um only human yet and american why do they do that? And that is PCHFreelotto has printed my anme on, a, PCHFreelotto check and the check is this size $14,oo dollor’s and their are maney thing’s with my anem on it, my name is on a, PCH free greeting card and a, PCH SamSung free Cell phone, not only that my name is on a, CASINo check and the size ove it is, $10,000,oo dollor’s and the question is why,a dn all they ahve tow do is udress the info tow me thsi way, Keeble Walker PO Box 2752 Muskogee Oklahoma 74402 and PCH only does it rite when it ahs nothign tow do with, a, check; and what PCH has snet me is a, Activation code letter with a, Activation number and yes “I’ did udress that activation code number as they udress tow me

Sally Rawlins said...

I, Sally well-qualify as “PCH Fan”. Am also curious: What manner of acronym horseplay your teams fall into, brazenly march beyond…etc.?

Periodically-Crazed (almost)-Heavenly hosts….?

Pretty Civilized Humorists…?

Plain, Clear, & Hexagonal…?

Perfectly Cast Humans?

Principally Coherent, Collaborative Hysterics…?

Respect, beanie off to you’ens – that’s southern (suthren) for you, plural…,
Do you allow persuaders in your draw pot?

carolinejinks said...

I love the headquarters its a very beautiful place to work