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Hi Publishers Clearing House Friends!

Even though I’m a frequent blog writer, I’m also a big fan of the PCH blog!  In fact, some of my favorite entries are Dave Sayer and Danielle Lam‘s tales from the road. I just love getting all the fascinating details!  Was the winner home when they arrived? How did the winner react? What did their neighbors say?

Every time I turn around, the Prize Patrol  is on the road in search of the next Publishers Clearing House winner! Which is good, because I’m always up for reading another juicy “Winning Moment” story!

But, are you aware that there’s lots of winning going on at PCHSearch&Win every day right under your nose? I’m serious! PCHSearchandWin awards instant prizes ― like cash, gift cards, electronics and more to lucky winners every single day! These exciting Search&Win prizes are reserved for searchers only, so why not head on over to and give searching and winning a try?

Yes, using  PCHSearch&Win  as your every day search engine could  pay off in a really BIG way, as I’m sure these recent instant winners would agree!

Lorraine E. of Bronx, NY usually uses PCHSearch&Win to search for fishing and concert information. She searched and won $500.00 that she plans to spend on “winter clothing and a night out. ” Lorraine says, “Winning makes me a believer!”

Jim K. of Salem, IL says he searches “every day, 365 days a year! ” Jim usually searches for different items he might need for his home. Jim recently won a $1,000.00 cash prize that he plans on putting towards bills. “Thanks so much for the $1,000.00 …  I can’t believe I won!” exclaims Jim.

Sherri  B. of Pontiac, MI likes to use PCHSearch&Win to track job leads. One of her recent searches really paid off with $500.00 cash! “I will probably put it towards my Christmas fund,” says Sherri.

Judy S. of Berryville, VA won $500.00 cash. She says her winnings will help with her recent retirement and enable her to visit her children and grandchildren.  Says Judy, “I’ll probably search more often now!”

The truth is, PCHSearch&Win really is the only Search Engine with the Prize Power of Publishers Clearing House! But, keep in mind, it’s also a real search engine that brings you great results from the top search providers on the web ― Google, Yahoo and Bing!

Here are a few quick tips to make your PCHSearch&Win experience even better.

• Search for things you’re interested in ― don’t just search to win.

• Prizes are awarded randomly, there’s no “magic phrase” that will help you win.

• Once you search, clicking on different links will not increase your chances of winning.

You probably use a search engine for websites, information and shopping every day ― I know I do. Why not use the search engine that could make you an instant winner?

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

84 thoughts on “Search Your Way to Winning Opportunities at PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Vickie Hale says:

    😁 💞 🅿 👥 I SAID THAT 😁. 💞. 🅿. 👥 !!!!

  2. steven Rothwell my code is AR2015 says:

    I am claiming my big winnings and my millionaire making superprize and I’m also claiming my $1,000.00 and my superprize bonuses and $5,000.00 a week for life forever and my claiming of $10,000,000.00 and my brand new ford fusion 4650-AR2015 my code thank you Danielle Lam and David Sayer yours truly Steven Rothwell

  3. anita robinson says:

    I am entering again to see if this time I can win the prize.
    God bless PCH

  4. carolyn lawson says:

    I have been searching also when I can and as much as I can I really want to win. I have been at this for a very long time and I believe it is time for me to win.

  5. i want to claim my pch entry 4900

  6. Stacy smith says:

    My best friend just joined Pch search and win. I referred a friend

  7. alison hogan says:

    Would love to win it all life plus car prize take my family to dinner in my new car and have fun

    1. alison hogan says:

      Also please let me know if I have won threw my email having a difficult time my phone is being stupid and wont let me do anything that I want and please if I do win want it a big secret I don’t want people being nosey

  8. Yes I want to win it all Giveaway NO.4900

  9. paula Kelley says:

    I’m searching haven’t won yet (other than tokens) when my phone let’s me hope I win the big prize but extra cash to pay bills til then would help I’m also in desperate need of a vehicle right now been dragging my two granddaughters out in the cold to catch the bus and it sucks kills me too with my disabilities getting jarred so much I hurt all over mine would be a rags to riches story if I’m blessed enough to win its been a long time since I’ve won anything and that was from a newspaper Valentine’s game won $50 almost 20yrs ago yes pch I need to win

  10. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Yes I’m searching for $2k cash and prizes PCH is offering by 11pm tonight to win and entry for PCH GWY 4900 “double cash” from $5k to $10k week for life Nov 25th superprize-thanks PCH!!!

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