Funny Retirement Plan Cartoon Offers Smart Advice

Many years ago a retirement plan cartoon appeared which made all of us at PCH headquarters laugh out loud.  It showed a nervous job applicant sitting before an executive-type interviewer holding a big colorful envelope and saying, “We don’t exactly have a pension plan, but we do encourage our employees to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.”

It’s a funny cartoon and should not be taken too seriously: No one should pin his or her hopes of a comfortable retirement exclusively on the chance of winning our $1 Million Plus $5000 A Week For Life Mega Prize.  Saving, budgeting, investing, reading, and good common sense all have a place in the planning process for long-term financial security.

On the other hand, I would agree with part of that exec’s advice: Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  You have nothing to lose – and a possible lifetime of financial security to gain.

You may be thinking “I’m many years away from retirement, so I don’t have to think about that yet.”  Well, the experts would not agree.  In recent weeks writers at The New York Times and guests on NBC’s Today Show offered the same counsel:  Whether you are 21, 41 or 61, it’s never too early to start planning your “Golden Years.”

And just think how “golden” things would be if you win a $1 Million Plus $5000 A Week For Life Mega Prize from Publishers Clearing House!  There would be plenty of money to pay off all your bills, to share with the people you love, to buy a new home or a new car (or two), or to travel to places you’ve always wanted to go.

So take my advice – and the cartoon’s: Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

Just click here on this link to where you will find a variety of ways to Play and Win – like PCH Lotto, PCH Search & Win, PCH Games, and more.  And don’t forget: You can enter the sweepstakes at every day for more chances to win.

Maybe your door will be the next one that the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on to announce: “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”  That would make a very lucrative retirement plan for your golden years!

Wishing you the best of luck.

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador


19 thoughts on “Funny Retirement Plan Cartoon Offers Smart Advice”

  1. Anne Kennedy says:

    Would retire my husband ! as a matter of fact if Prize Patrol comes here we will retire him together he works right down the road from here at DuPont plant as a Electrician, the plant would be cheering him on ..Quit Jerry ! Quit Jerry! Hopefully that dream comes true from me and him both.. I’m in it to win it!

  2. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    Best advice is have fun enter pch games forever.

  3. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    Thanks you for sharing information about retirement

  4. Pedrina Drinkard says:

    Dear Dave Sayer Executive Director,
    I just read on PCHblog the article titled “Funny Retirement Plan Carton Offers Smart Advice,” and I had the loud laugh like the PCH headquarters had!! It is so fun!! Well, it is all in GOD’s hands if I will be the win of $1 million plus $5000 A Week for Life Mega Prize. With my passion for PCH and GOD with me, I believe is possible. Thank you all of PCH family for so many opportunities you give to me and many others to be the win one day. May GOD continue to bless all of you and your family.
    Pedrina Drinkard
    Ps. Dear Dave Sayer,thank you for the great laugh I had.

  5. Gladys Mitchell says:

    Winning the PCH sweepstakes would beca financial security being that I’m retired as the NYCPD dispatcher . I could retire with a financial peace if mind.

  6. Kanika Loeung says:

    I entering Sweepstakes everyday and also always pray God but I do not known what will going happen in the future?
    My co-workers said they love their life but to me I do not like my life because I’ve had unhappy life.I got loss my love,money and always disappointed and regret a lot of thing since I was 17 year old until now I am 46 years old.
    Only one thing that can change my mine if I won receive a big check $1 Million from Prize Patrolers and PCHer who help me to survivor my living. I will not forget forever!!
    I wise my life to become a bright sunshine with $1 Million from Publisher Clearing House!!


  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    I would like to receive a special thing that having more value than diamond.It is kind like the magic that would be change my life to retirement early it is GOLDEN Nest Egg from Publisher Clearing House!
    I always dream,pray,and waiting to hear a good new from Prize Patrol and PCHer everyday.


    Good Luck to me!!!

  8. sharon davis says:

    i would like to have that nest egg it would be my dream come true i got my eye on this house that we like to get it. its for sale $99.900 its got a fireplace and a wet bar we like this house very much. so i hope i get to win the pch it would be so nice.

  9. Allen Choy says:

    I did see a funny show on T.V. that was something like “Life of the Rich and Famous”. It showed a really extravagantly dolled up black lady driving an expensive sedan with a friend whooping it up down a Hollywood Boulevardish area. The reporter asked “How Did You Get So Rich?”. She Replied: “Honey, The Lottery of Course!”. She won something like 100 and something million dollars. That was unexpected and surprisingly surprising and funny!:) It can happen…

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