Winners Galore on the PCH Fan Pages!

As PCH fans, you know there are plenty of ways to win with PCH. We all have seen the winning moments of SuperPrize winners on There’s Natalie Bostelman jumping for joy when she receives her Big Check for $1,000,000.00. Stephanie Gornichec’s husband throws their home’s For Sale sign into the garbage. Fred Franken answers the door shirtless! Doris Gray screams and the students of her school cheer when Dave Sayer hands Doris the $5000 Every Week For Life check.

Winning the SuperPrize isn’t the only way to win with PCH   – there are winners every day! Weekly and monthly prizes are given out on the PCH Fan page for the Scavenger Hunt and the PCH Sweeps. So what about all of the other PCH winners? How do they feel about their smaller, but still exciting, winning moments?

Kedric B. won $500.00 with the Scavenger Hunt! Here’s what he had to say, “PCH is awesome, winning was so cool. I’m looking forward to winning even more.” Kedric says he has come to think of PCH as part of his family; he plays and enters every day! He has a special message for other fans: “Now that I’ve become part of the Winners Circle, I know that anyone can win. So come and play every day as I do!”

Maureen S.  says that winning $50.00 in the Scavenger Hunt has really made her a believer: “I feel REALLY great at the moment!  I have entered Publishers Clearing House for many years and have only won a 10.00 gift card on Search&Win…But winning the 50.00 has brought me MORE FAITH that ANYONE can win!!! These prizes are TRULY given away to REAL PEOPLE.”

Join our circle of winners! “Like” the PCH Fan page and participate in the various contests. Play the Scavenger Hunt – help the Prize Patrol find the Lucky Check that is hidden on a Publishers Clearing House website. Two lucky hunters win $50.00 each every week. And one fan that enters each week for a month wins $500.00! Enter the PCH Sweeps – you can enter once a day and on the 15th of each month, we’ll draw a $1,000.00 winner. If you’re a PCHsuperfan, you can double that prize to $2,000.00!

Enter these contests and who knows, you might join the ranks of PCH winners! We’re still waiting for a PCHsuperfan to win a contest so make sure you’re registered!

Laura At PCH

P.S. Speaking of winners, do you remember Stephanie Gornichec? She won $1 Million two years ago. Dave Sayer has posted a few blogs about Stephanie and how her life has changed since winning the SuperPrize. Well, now you can see for yourself! Watch Stephanie on the TLC show “The Lottery Changed My Life” at 9PM tonight!

11 thoughts on “Winners Galore on the PCH Fan Pages!”

  1. Ivy Holmes says:

    I was told in an email to look up a winner in my hometown or in the Nashville area and I found C rowe had won $1000. It did not say in what or when, but I did find the name. Now I’m going to look up iris who won the million dollar PCH sweepstakes and hopefully that will help me to win as well!

  2. parren lane says:

    I just want to win the publisher clearance house one’s and I’ll be ok.knowing that i can help others who are n need would make me feel as if i was the publisher clearance house to my friends

  3. me me says:

    Has anyone won anything playing the lotto or slots? I haven’t.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:


      People win on PCHSlots all the time! There are winners on the Diamond Exchange spin wheel every day. Don’t lose hope!

      Victoria At PCH

  4. Michelle Eaton says:

    I my is like a roller coaster with 7 people living here I am aways affrade I will muss if I win I hope I will Win BIG A house rebuilted is what we NEED


    I watched Natalie last night on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life.
    How nice that she went and helped award a prize to another PCH winner after she herself won.
    She seemed via the TV program to be a very nice person, and I’m sure she is in real life too.

  6. DeLayne Perry says:

    Was so busy today and bummed out when I realized that I missed the Lottery Life Changing show on Stephanie G…. I am sure winning even a small prize is exciting. I wouldn’t know.. :(

  7. Maureen Sousa says:

    I was SOOO glad to watch Stephanie tonight on TV…!!

    It did give you a glimmer of what you might do with YOUR winnings considering whatever you are going through right now…
    I wish the best for Stephanie & all the others that are enterning for THE BIG ONE….this coming November..

    Good Luck!!!


  8. mAUREEN sOUSA says:




  9. dwayne dixon says:

    i paly the pch lotto in you siad
    i am the winner he won
    can i have my money ok today
    with a big win.”

  10. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I like PCH, the Blog, the FB page, the games page, the slots mailing, and the lotto page, the page etc…., they are all free to visit and enter from so I say “Why not give it a shot, you never know you might just hit the target with a big win.”

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