Deborah Holland Receives Hall Of Fame Award from DMA of Long Island



A behind the scenes look at Direct Marketing Association of Long Island (DMALI) Hall Of Fame inductee Deborah Holland!

As loyal PCH and Online Sweepstakes fans, you’ve seen Deborah Holland as a “face of PCH” throughout our mail packages, emails, and right here on this blog. But what you haven’t seen is the “Debbie” behind the scenes. The Debbie whose passion, commitment and integrity recently won her prestigious award recognition from the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island. And the Debbie who has helped to make PCH the Online Sweepstakes leader it is today. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, the award. On Thursday, October 20th, Deborah Holland was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island (DMALI).  A non-profit organization, the DMALI promotes a public understanding of direct marketing, provides educational and networking opportunities, and encourages students interested in the direct marketing field. It’s easy for me to see why she was deserving of this award recognition, but here’s a special inside look for all you blog readers!

For starters, there’s her commitment to this Online Sweepstakes company. Did you know that Debbie started working at Publishers Clearing House in 1979 as a Marketing Analyst? That she was the youngest person and first woman to be appointed vice president at PCH? Or that she helped create this blog? It’s true! In fact, Debbie has been instrumental at virtually every step of PCH’s growth and evolution for the past 30 years.  As someone who has been fortunate to work with her first-hand, I can honestly say she brings out the best in me and every PCHer. She’s constantly challenging us to think of bigger and better ways of giving Online Sweepstakes fans, like you, what you want.

Behind the scenes in her personal life, Debbie is no different. She’s always craving new and exciting experiences. I bet you didn’t know she was a rock-scrambling fanatic…or that she goes for a run in the morning before work! During her Hall Of Fame award recognition speech, she encouraged all audience members to live life to the fullest, making each day count for what’s important, like your biggest projects, your family and lending a helping hand to others.  She concluded by saying, “A career and a lifetime are built one project and one day at a time.  If you MAKE EACH DAY COUNT, you won’t have regrets.  You’ll be able to look back and say you were successful because you lived well and loved passionately and the world is better off for your having walked here.”

Debbie also makes time to give back to the industry and community. She served on the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Rising Star Awards Fundraising Committee, was a past Chairman of the DMA’s Committee on Ethical Business Practices, and is a board member of The Lucerna Fund, the Port Washington Library Foundation and the Port Washington Teacher Center Policy Board.

Now that you’ve gone behind the scenes with Debbie, you can see that she is a loyal PCHer who loves direct marketing, loves life and loves giving back. I hope you can also see that Deborah Holland, 2011 Hall of Fame inductee, is deserving of this recognition from the Direct Marketing Association of Long Island.  Please join me in congratulating her, and Publishers Clearing House, for this honor!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative



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  8. Audrey Hertel says:

    Thank you for these blogs dear Deborah Holland so we players have the opportunity to meet you and understand what is going on behind the scenes to make this the fantastic success it really is. I so understand your enthusiasm about the accomplishments you and your team see materialize. I loved my work with all my heart too. It was a blessing everyday to go to work with students I considered to be the best in the world. It was a dream job for me, as I can see your job is for you. As a PCH devoted player, I can assure you, I feel that PCH cares too about its players. At times these past two years of my devoted playing, I felt about PCH as family. Someday if I ever get to meet you all at PCH (which is a “bucket list wish of mine”), I will explain thoroughly about my feeling of PCH as family. Your real advertisers have been lovely and helpful, but if they are not a real PCH advertiser then the bad stuff happens like scans. I will share that story another time. Congrats to Deborah on the grand successes of PCH and on your well deserved recognition with the DMALI award into the Hall of Fame!
    I miss my teaching so keep on keeping on with work you love, Deborah!

  9. Look forward to Mu you

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