Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer PCH

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  1. norma says:

    I am as excited to see you in my dreams, as I know it would be in real life presently at this moment I Crossing my fingers to see you quite soon and the balloons, and the check wow that will be amazing

  2. I to have been contacted by someone that instructs me to contact you because I was a winner.

  3. norma says:

    Hello Dave,my dream is to meet you and iHopefully soon I can in the most remarkable way recieving and believing.

  4. Dear Dave how are I got an email saying I won but I really don’t know how because I didn’t play any pch lottery at all I have been getting these emails alot where they say they are you but I am not gonna hold any of your time hope to meet you and your team one day god bless and have a wonderful day. C

  5. Denise says:

    Dave fb me today sorry dude

  6. Claudia Fiedler says:

    Dear Dave Sayer love for you and the prize patrol knock on my door telling me I’m the big check winner PCH is the best. My hopes and dreams would come true and the disabled community here. Thank you Dave and prize patrol.

  7. Mike Miller says:

    Hi Dave, This man who has received the scam phone call is correct! I get at least 25 calls from Jamaica! Like your people say, if you have to pay to receive the money and prizes you have won, it is a SCAM!
    God Bless you and PCH, I have not heard that you have scammed anyone.
    Mike Miller

  8. Arnold Van Merkesteyn says:

    Just got contacted on facebook by someone who claims to be dave sayer. He ssked for my phone number. Since I didn’t know better I gave it to him and he called me back from a jamaican phone number and told me to call him in the morning with any questions. Sounds like a scam

  9. Mike Miller says:

    Hello Dave,
    I really don’t know anything about this comment sent about someone saying he is you but is not! Hopefully it does not get you any trouble or danger.
    Take care Dave, I am still around and yes I still want to meet you and your team.
    Mike Miller

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