Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer PCH

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  1. Carolyn z. says:

    Dave Sayer: Three Years we have wished for This opportunity. I Pray night and day that we are fortunate to win Such a prize. Our Church need a New Roof. Plus Renovation of our Church in and out. We have spent much denying of ourselves. I don’t mean to cry on your shoulder, But, this would be a God sent Blessing. WE have helped Others until we need help. Pch gwy# 4900, win $5k a wk. Forever+ a wk for Life Feb.26th.is what My Husband has worked so hard for. Please Help! “Yes, I want to win.” Thank you.”

  2. alisa a. white says:

    Oh! :-) :-) :-) :-). You guy’s the big day is soon approaching…..

  3. You asked for my contact info – Jill Elliott, , Thanks, sincerely,

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Jill, we never contact you for your personal information. If you received a friend request or any other type of social media contact it was NOT the real PCH. I encourage you to read these safety tips: http://bit.ly/PCH-Safety-Tips. Stay safe everyone!

  4. shirley m.saldivar (@shirleymsaldiv2) says:

    Thank you for all the work you have accomplished with PCH!❤ Thank you for all the awesome games that are available to us..I’m praying for a Miracle…I’m in it to win it…Good Luck all PCH!❤ Fans Stay positive always..

  5. alisa a. white says:

    Hey, Howie what I would do with $5,000. I would quit my job, move, pay off small debt decide what charity to help. This is a week in earnings every week.

  6. alisa a. white says:

    I have been entering for so long that it amazes me I’m still at it,I think since my child was little,haven’t won nothing yet. But I would catch myself thinking wow how awesome it would be to finally win wow. Yay !! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)..

    1. alisa a. white says:

      Todd,Danielle,David,Howie you guy’s have a wonderful and blessed week.

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