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  1. Hello Dave my name is Juanita Fennell
    I am a fan of pch I’m leaving you a reply because I want to know why do I keep being push back every time when it come time to pick a winner ? I have been playing sense
    1990 off and on but y’all have me down that I started playing in 07 something like that I have been praying to win tomorrow because I will be evident with in 30 days . I do not
    Have the money to move . so now it’s telling me that I have to wait until June 30 will Dave I will not have a place to live ! So if I can’t play any more what do y’all do with my score
    That I have started playing sense lasted year .do I have to start all over again cause if I do then I’m done cause it not fun being played with when you pray for this so you do not
    Have to be homeless cause you are thinking that you have done everything that pch have ask you to do and then you get a notes that you have to wait until June .after you have stayed you all night playing so that you can win by time they pick a winner .I did not know that I was going to get evident until this month so I lay you all night praying that pch would
    Knock on my door on April 28 because they see that I have been trying to win for so long .but I keep being push back yet again .Dave can you tell me what have I done wrong to keep
    Being push back every month .I have wrote a letter before and no one wrote back to say a hello or nothing . how can y’all get people Hope’s up so so so hi and then let them down
    I’m not saying it your fault that I’m getting a evident I’m just saying that you pray for help and you think that god is going to sand you that one person with that one miracle that you
    Pray that everything is going to be okay now I can go and find a place to live because pch is going to knock on my door on April 28 .but now I know its a lie .so I’m going to keep playing until I leave at the end of may . god bless the person who win on April 28 😭 😭 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙅 🙅 🙅😧 😧😥 😥😥😞😞😟😟😰😰😰