Need money? Enter to Win the Mega Prize Today!

If you need money now, enter for a chance to win the PCH Mega Prize for fast cash in the form of one million dollars!

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re constantly trying to top ourselves. We’re always trying to come up with bigger and better prizes that’ll get our fans even more excited about our Online Sweepstakes. Case in point: our Mega Prize on November 30th. We thought to ourselves: what’s better than $5000 A Week For Life? I mean that’s already a huge lifetime prize. And then it hit us … $5000 A Week For Life PLUS One Million Dollars!

We know people out there don’t just need money, they need money now. That’s why we figured we’d add a chunk of fast cash to our prize. And what could be sweeter than a million dollars?

On top of the weekly checks for life, the Mega Prize winner would receive an immediate $1,000,000.00 on November 30th. That’s right, an additional one million dollars fast cash, on the spot. Money now ­– no waiting!

Should you be our Online Sweepstakes winner on November 30th, you’d have it all! Not only future financial security, but an instant fortune, too! Just imagine not having to need money anymore, and being able to spend whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. You could buy a new house, travel around the world, get a whole new wardrobe, donate to charity – the list goes on and on (as would the money)!

So if you need money, and need money now, enter the Online Sweepstakes every chance you get at, PCH Search & Win or PCH Lotto. Remember, we’re definitely giving away the Mega Prize on November 30th – and that means one million dollars fast cash could soon be yours!

Good luck!


Amanda C.

PCH Creative

93 thoughts on “Need money? Enter to Win the Mega Prize Today!”

  1. Rebecca Owens says:

    I am following up on my last posts’ mistake just entered! My mistake being that the current New ‘PCH Mega Prize, (.. of my dreams), is One Million Dollars Plus $5,000.00 a week for life’…’s PCHgwy#1830 not the #1400 I had typed, sorry, I retract the #1400 mistake.

  2. Rebecca Owens says:

    It would thrill me to ‘no end’ to be the Lucky Winner of the “PCH Mega Prize on Nov.30 PCHGwy.#1400″. I would activate my entry, and then see to it I entered every single day because I am a loyal PCH fan, I always have been and always will be…….I know just where I’m going from here! I TRUELY WISH GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!

  3. Sandra Lara says:

    I startEd filling out entries for pch when I was in the seventh grade. Iam now 49 and nothing still. Do people really win?

  4. james says:

    I could use the money for many things so im in this to win it so pch im waiting for you

  5. Marie B. says:

    I would like to win the PCH Mega Prize so that I could afford to buy some of the items being sold on your site. Unfortunately things are now impossible for me to give my family & friends any Christmas gifts this year, and probably not for a long time to come. Also, I won’t be able to give a donation to my local SPCA or Humane Society like I was so eager to do in the past. It makes me so sad!!!! It would be so nice not to worry about how much needs to be spent when buying groceries or trying to pay bills. I wish I could say “It’s all good” and really mean it. Anyway, I would be so happy & grateful for a win such as this! Thanks

  6. Laura Gibson says:

    I would really like to win the big prize. I would change my children’s live’s.. Buy us a home to live in. Get my oldest grandson a car. He is almost 16. But most of all I would give to groups that do great things for others. The food banks. Give to the Holiday Hope fund at Christmas. But most of all I would thank MY GOD!

  7. laurentia beaver says:

    I really want 2 win the pch mega prize and any other prizes they giving away. It would really help me out financially.

    1. I really to when prize so i can help my mom anf donate money to autism. ii would have to be big prize for me to hel ourselves. and charity.

  8. Barbara Johnson says:

    I really would like to win a lifetime cash prizes from pchy life and family lives would really change for the better cause then I could afford to live where I really want to live with my family here in Chicago.

  9. Jack Shaw says:

    A little Like David Houston, I am ‘almost Persuaded’ to, with PCH permission of course, request a mega prize to help save the home Grace and I have lived in for well over 30 years. And even more…so save our three Grand children, whom we’ve grown to deeply love and Cherish, from being carted off to some AID HOME somewhere.

    Enough winning and moaning… so I’ll stop for now.

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