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  1. Fred Haut says:

    I am searching now for $50,000 cash might you be able to deliver that to me I could sure use it and thank you thank you very much

  2. Valerie says:

    I really want to be a lucky winner to be rich so I could stop wishing I could be rich

  3. Debbie Corley says:

    Yes yes yes

  4. mohd rizal azwan says:

    hello i first time join to blog pch.. i hope i can win money
    thank you pch.

  5. Timothy says:

    I sure could use help from pch picking me to win

  6. wellington says:

    I need to win just because We are struggling with bills and a lot of debits for years and you can’t pay.we work a lot , but 3 kids , house and all the bills it’s getting hard to pay off our debit.
    We really need some help.

  7. I really need to win pch I went into surgery last month n now I have issues starting up again with what I had surgery on, my husband works really hard n now he has to take off work a week,please take us into conceratin to win I beg u. Things r so hard,sincerely ragon goodner

  8. Pearlie Smiley says:

    I really need to be a winner of the big money,millions to help others in my family, my community to start a program for youth to encourage the special needs persons that are ignored because all the system in place says is ” they are grown, we can’t make choices for them, or we can’t make them do anything .” There are many low self esteem persons everywhere, but no one cares how their future will be…

  9. Tanya Payne says:

    I am disabled. And I can’t work at all. I have no income at all. I really want and need to win all of the prize money to help me out with all of my doctor bills that keeps adding up for me because of my medical issues that I can’t work and I will continue to get worse and worse. I will never get better at all. Please help me out with letting me win all of the prize money because I have a lot of doctors bills that I can’t get paid off.

  10. Yo quiero ganar algo en mi vida

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