Be The “Biggest Winner” Not the “Biggest Loser”


For your chance to become the “Biggest Winner” read this and follow the entry instructions!

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” is now in its twelfth season, so it’s obviously a popular show.  TV viewers love to tune in and see the overweight contestants lose more pounds week after week through proper motivation, diet and exercise.  At the end of the season there’s a nice reward for the contestant who has lost the most weight: $250,000.

Of course $250,000 is nothing to sneeze at.  When we first awarded that amount of prize money to one person back in 1981, the winner — Ginger Schneider — and all of us at Publishers Clearing House thought that was pretty great – and I still do.  (Heck, I’d love to be the recipient of even $10,000 – a prize amount our Prize Patrol has awarded hundreds of times.)

But November 30 YOU could be the “BIGGEST WINNER” of a prize that dwarfs either of those amounts.  I’m talking about our biggest lifetime prize ever – a Mega Prize that includes (1) a Big Check for $1 Million, right on the spot, and (2) the promise of $5000 a week for life!”

Here’s the good part: You don’t have to diet or exercise to win (not that there’s anything wrong with that)!  You just have to be motivated enough to click here on this link to and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – it’s as simple as that.

Just imagine the life-changing thrill of opening your door on November 30, seeing roses, balloons and video-cameras, and hearing the PCH Prize Patrol announce “You’ve just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  Here is a Big Check for $1 Million and — on top of that — you will receive $5000 a week every single week for the rest of your life!”

Now here’s the catch:  If you don’t take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to be “set for life,” you cannot possibly win the PCH Sweepstakes.  Instead of being a “Biggest Winner” you could be “the biggest loser” – with no cash prize at all.  Don’t let that happen!  Click here on this link to and enter the PCH Sweepstakes online.  And don’t forget to return every day — until the November 18 deadline — for another chance to win!  Somebody is GUARANTEED to win this fabulous Mega Prize.  I can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t be you.

Wishing you the best of luck!


Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador


30 thoughts on “Be The “Biggest Winner” Not the “Biggest Loser””

  1. carlamantee says:

    I have a Golden Opportunity

  2. What exactly is SuperPass? I’m trying to do an online entry and it says I need to activate the SuperPass to continue, but I’m worried about doing so without knowing what it is. I can’t find anything on the site, in FAQ or anywhere online so far that explains what it is.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Angela,

      The SuperPass is just for visual fun. It is not a credit card, nor will it charge your credit card. It’s just a fun little step that we include in the entry process.

      Victoria At PCH

  3. Lesley M says:

    I’m a little confused, is it 11/30/11 or 2/29/12 as it states in the official rules?

    addUp to $5,000.00
    Every-Week-For-Life† 1400 *2/29/12 1 in 1,750,000,000 your comment here

    1. Laura At PCH Laura At PCH says:

      Hi Lesley,

      The official end date of Giveaway No. 1400 was 2/29/12 but PCH elected to end it early. So on November 30th, the Mega Prize will be awarded!

      Laura At PCH

      1. Danielle Smith says:

        well who won 11/30/11 mega prize???? i didnt see it on NBC and i watched it all night and searched for the info saying who won but it doesnt say who won???

      2. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

        Hi Danielle,

        LeRoy Faulks Sr. was surprised by the Prize Patrol with $1,000,000.00 plus $5,000.00 on November 30, 2011.

        Victoria At PCH

  4. i fix the old one now but there is something wrong in my pchsearc&win i cannot log in over there somebody help me please.god bless you all

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Maria,

      Please make sure you’re signing in with the correct email address.

      Victoria At PCH

  5. Joseph ralph says:

    my set time is coming and looking forward to become the next winner in jesus name, amen! thanks PCH for giving me a chance to win BIG!!

  6. Maureen Sousa says:

    Thanks Dave,
    I have been entering each & everytime that I can… We are such a stresful situstion now with our home, that I pray every day that with God’s Grace I will win this to help us in our situation but help also my grandson with his also.

    This would be a miracle blessing to our family but I know that it is still ALL in God’s hands.

    Good Luck to ALL in this ” OVER THe TOP ” sweepstakes.


    P.S. just wanted you to know that if you click on your links to from this blog they do not let you go through the game…. they bring you right to the balloon pop..

    Anxious for me & also some others as they may not get their entries these last few days,

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Thank you for letting us know. When you click on the link from the blog, is the first time you’ve visited that day?

      Victoria At PCH

      1. Maureen Sousa says:

        I am not sure, but I think so… although I sometimes go to enter all the contests on Facebook 1st sometimes.. before reading the blogs.

        Which I know that I did the other day before clicking on this blog page…

        Maybe that is the problem???

        Thanks ,

      2. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:


        If you’ve already entered all the giveaways at, even if you click on it from another source, it will still show that you have completed your entries for that day. If that ever happens when you know you haven’t been there before that day, please let us know.

        Thank you!

  7. Maureen Skelly says:

    I tried to enter today but when I hit on the superpass button it gets stuck it wont let me go futher than that. I can try again tomorrow.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Please try refreshing the page if the Superpass seems to get stuck. Please let us know if that does not work.

      Victoria At PCH

  8. Nancy Sexton says:

    Planning on it!! We shall see (you)!!

    God bless everyone!!


  9. Shapell Adams says:

    This is the last year I’m sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for you guys to come to my house with a big check. lol

  10. maria estrella baccay platecki says:

    im borrow my sister computer i wish i could be win thats my birthday birthday is on november 16 im very happy

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