10 thoughts on “clock_ticking”

  1. Jo-Ann Benito says:

    the clock is ticking and my heart is beating tick tock!! I’ll be waiting to welcome u in pch. ALOHA

  2. i would love to win. it would make life so much better for our family.

  3. Kathy Welker Fuller says:

    It would be great to win the $1 Million dollars and $5,000 for life. I would give to the Church, I go to, so they could build the Church we don’t have. The people are worshiping in a Bread Store. We have helped the poor people and some of the money would help them. Plus I would be able to repair my house before it falls of the hill that it is on. Plus pay off my Car and Loan I have in debt for. Plus put some money in Mutual Funds for my Grand Children so they can get a better Education and a good Job. And to help my daughter and my son with their debts. But all of this is a dream that will never come about. I have watched, and played and purchased prizes and to me it would be a miracle if you granted me this money. But I thank God for being in my life to satisfy me in living. Good Luck to that winner.

  4. Marrilyn Connell says:

    Thank you for years of entertainment. I have been playing for many years. I’m now 85 years old. My, how time flys..Marrilyn

  5. Gladys Mitchell says:

    The clock is ticking. The day is almost here. Can’t wait to see the prize team.

  6. Jo-Ann Benito says:

    Helping others with the money is my dream especially all who is in need., I realize money is not thee answer. but it pays your BILLS

  7. Larvell A. Bailey Jr says:

    I need to win on Nov.30th.will it be me! Larvell A. Bailey Jr on the big day $1Million plus $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE that is big money pch come to my home .
    Good luck ever one

  8. The TIME is so ,so ,so near is incredible how it flys, and with the company of the winner,PCH CLOCK and time .You are Welcome here to put the great time smiles.MCH

  9. With Time all Good thangs must Come to an End but Winning a November30th SuperPrize from The Publishers Clearing house it would just be the Begining of a first Time in PCH History?

  10. jesus Gonzalez says:

    Just wishing the best of life to who ever wins .To the winner remember that money is not all we need in life .But aleast to live life more peaceful.let god gide our hearst to make d right decision after winning .Put a smile to d people’with needs especially children n r loves one .God bless all of us in d end of life.

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