Mega Chance: Last Day To Enter For a Chance To Win The Mega Prize!

In just days, we are GUARANTEEING to award a huge lifetime Publishers Clearing House prize. Yes, THE MEGA PRIZE – $1,OOO,OOO.OO On The Spot PLUS $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life – will be awarded by the Prize Patrol on November 30th.  Only one question remains: Who will be that lucky first EVER Mega Prize winner?

You may have received notices about entering for the Mega Prize or even read about the Mega Prize in this blog, but did you actually take a few moments to enter? Here’s some important news, today is the absolute LAST DAY to enter, and I don’t want you to get left out!

Have you ever regretted missing out on an opportunity that could have changed your life? Do you catch yourself every now and then wondering what could have been….

I tend to feel this way when I remember how I decided NOT to try out for the baseball team in college. In retrospect, I should have just gone for it. I had nothing to lose.  Could I have been living my dream, making millions of dollars playing 3rd base for a big New York team in the big fall games? I’ll never know because I never took the chance.

Please, don’t miss your LAST CHANCE TO ENTER and become a Multi-Millionaire!  $1,OOO,OOO.OO On The Spot PLUS $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life could be all yours in just days.

Just imagine the thrill of opening your door on November 30th, to roses, balloons, and champagne, then hearing the PCH Prize Patrol announce you as our FIRST EVER Publishers Clearing House MEGA PRIZE WINNER!

Just think about all the ways in which you could use your new found fortune. Would you set sail on your dream vacation or use it to pay off loads of bills? Would you buy a new home or a luxury car?

Friends, make sure you take every opportunity to change your life ― don’t regret not entering!  Do it now before it’s too late!

Good luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

181 thoughts on “Mega Chance: Last Day To Enter For a Chance To Win The Mega Prize!”

  1. Raymond Motley says:

    So Mote It Be

  2. felecia says:

    FATHER i want to thank you , I have faith that i will be the next big winner in JESUS name amen.

  3. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch I want to win so I’m searching today for my final chance to win.

  4. Glenda Henson says:

    I wish to be the first mega winner but I know it’s in God’s hands. Thank you!

  5. Patricia bennett pchsearch&win from spring tx 77373 look forward to meeting you at 3014 peerless pass ct spring tx 77373

  6. Tania says:

    May my door bell ring a linga ling.

  7. lesa mackay says:

    Woot woot yeah lets do this.

  8. Vernita Matthie says:

    Father it`s in your hands we need your help!!!!!

  9. Theresa Whitt says:

    I need to win now. I can’t take life any more like this.

  10. elizabeth cruz says:

    I hope to win god bless all and made the chosen one win.One day I’LL know what it is to be a winner. ooxx to all

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