Inside Information On Tomorrow’s Mega Prize Winning Moment!

History will be made tomorrow when Publishers Clearing House announces its first Mega Prize winner of $1,000,000.00Plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams!

Now here’s more news: PCH fans will have access to unprecedented insider information concerning the exciting winning moment at the following web sites:

Follow the Prize Patrol on the day of the MILLIONAIRE-MAKING WINNING MOMENT and you’ll get exclusive hints about where Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam are … where they’re headed … and who is named the newest Publishers Clearing House multi-millionaire!

Early in the day Danielle will start posting behind the scenes looks of the Prize Patrol’s travels and experiences. Go to the PCH Fan Page and Danielle’s Fan Page to see video updates from Danielle revealing tantalizing hints about where the Prize Patrol is and who the lucky BIG winner is. You’ll also see photos of their adventure as they travel to the winner and prepare for what will be an extraordinary media event.

Since you’re reading the PCH Blog, you may have taken advantage of this exciting prize event and entered  for this life-changing Mega Prize that will be awarded tomorrow, November 30th! (Imagine of the thrill if the hints Danielle Lam provides on her Fan Page and the PCH Fan Page pointed to your home town!)

Be One Of The First To See The Exciting Winner Announcement!

It’s tradition to have the exciting winning moment announcement during NBC Nightly News. But the exciting news is you’ll also see the winning moment video on

Go to at 5:00 pm ET and you’ll be one of the first to see a video of the exciting, life-changing winning moment. That means that loyal PCH fans like you will get the BIG news before the rest of the country sees it on NBC!

Wishing You “Mega” Luck Tomorrow, Nov. 30th,

Elliott M.

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230 thoughts on “Inside Information On Tomorrow’s Mega Prize Winning Moment!”

  1. kenneth Lucas says:

    Let’s do this I want to be a millionaire thanks to PCH thank u
    Good luck to everybody

  2. Lorrie velez says:

    Gods blessing come to Houston Texas I stugle everyday to make ends meet and would like to help cancer patients and family and friends gods blessing

  3. louis says:

    The 29 of April will be a day to remember.

  4. sonia says:

    Born poor never ever won anything but im blessed up

  5. Diana Laster says:

    I’m waiting to Greet you tomorrow PCH Team, I can’t wait***!!! Much love and have a safe journey!! God bless you ALL*,,,

  6. channell says:

    PCH please come to xxxxx mxxxxx St 14613 I pray I’m the winner of. December30th millionaire I really want to win it wil mean so much to my family an especially. My. Almost two year.old. baby. Shaniya. It. Will be a good. New years. Present. I. Will be. Truly. Blessed. To win for the first. Time. To. Win. An. It. Was a gift. From God so please come knock on. My. Door. With. The. Beautiful. Flowers,big check , an the other check. An. a. Bottle. Of. Champagne I. Will be. The. Luckiest. Girl. Ever to win from pch for the. First time please. Danielle I really want to. Win an what. Time tomorrow when I. Know. I win. An. We. Would. Love. To. Welcome you in Are home I’m asking you. God. To. Make. My dream come true that I will be the one to win From the pch for the first. Time to win I will be the. Happiest woman on earth to win from the pch. Thanks to God an. Thanks to pch For letting. Me. Win your biggest. Fan of Publisher clearing house

  7. Sharon says:

    What time tomorrow will I know when I win?

  8. Mary says:

    Head on over to my house pch. Will welcome you with open arms!

  9. Brenda Wilson says:

    I pray I win. It would be a blessing

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