4 thoughts on “Holiday_Santa”

  1. rosemary nadolski says:

    sure hope your coming to my town..!!!!!!!!!! merry chrstmas to you too Dave and prize patrol team and everyone at pch!! ho ho ho

  2. david says:

    merry christmas pch and fans

    1. carolyn wilson says:

      has any one ever won ,who was poor and has disability.have played for years and never won any it becacues i am poor and have disabilities.or i dumb and this realy dose not happen.

      1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

        Hi Carolyn,

        Over the years we have awarded over $223 million in prize awards to people from all walks of life; all across the US and Canada; folks with varied ethnic and economic backgrounds; living in apartments, mobile homes, private homes, on farms; young folks, seniors and every age in between. We even awarded a winner on the tundra in Alaska, and one time found our winner in mid-air – while flying on a plane! Prize winners are selected in an unbiased manner that assures an equal chance for all entries.

        Victoria At PCH

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