Cash in on your faith! BELIEVE it can happen!

The Prize Patrol has traveled countless  miles across this beautiful land and hundreds of millions of dollars have been awarded to many fortunate people! During the course of any given year, the Prize Patrol sets out to create new believers and, more importantly, to change lives for the better.

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to surprise some lucky PCH Winners.  On my way to deliver a $10,000.00 check to a lucky recipient in Lincoln, Nebraska, I stopped at a convenience store to gas up, get some coffee, and buy a scratch-off lottery ticket, which I did not win because I’m the guy who buys the tickets in-between the winning tickets. So, if you ever want a sure-winner, stand behind me in the lottery line.

A little further down Interstate 80, I spotted this sign on the side of a road that simply said “BELIEVE.” It seemed oddly appropriate and timely that I came across it, and instantly became the theme of my prize-awarding journey.

Too often, I hear about people not believing that the Prize Patrol really awards all of this money. We do! To the tune of approximately $227 Million dollars so far! You could add to that number with just a single entry!


Just imagine…

You spot an unfamiliar van slowly approaching from down your street. As the van gets closer into focus, you suddenly realize it’s the The Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Van. Your heart rate rises, and you begin to breathe heavily with anticipation. You begin asking yourself, “Are they stopping in front of my house?” “Are they here for me?”

The van finally comes to a complete stop, right in front of your house. The doors of the van open and you see balloons slowly float out, followed by the Prize Patrol, who begin making their way up to your front door…Trust me, chances are, they aren’t there to ask you for directions.

Just think, in the 90 seconds it  would take for the Prize Patrol Van to turn onto your street and reach your front door, you would becomea BELIEVER.

BELIEVE it’s REAL …Because it IS REAL!


BELIEVE the Prize Patrol might knock on your door …Because they just might!

Good luck,

Rich K.
PCH Creative

115 thoughts on “Cash in on your faith! BELIEVE it can happen!”

  1. Jason Jackson says:

    I believe in PCH.Everyday every chance I get I enter sweepstakes and use search engines for a variety of helpful tasks.I am very busy being self employed but still find the time to get entered daily.Why ? Because I believe

  2. ANN M. AUSTIN says:

    Pch & Prize Patroll I have faith in God that you’ll be here in Madison Wi. to make me your Biggest Super prize Winner so I may have a huge life changing experience that I’m positively looking forward to on 06/30/2015 for give away 4900 and that more then Just believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Truly Your Super Fan Ann.PS I’m not a Quitter,never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sandra says:

    I believe too!

  4. Elsa Torres says:

    I believe that someday I will be visited by PCH!

  5. Maxie Welch says:

    If you don’t believe, you may never win.

  6. sandra lockwood says:

    agree it does seem the bigger states have more winners, but then I also believe and trust my Lord that Delaware will be the feb. 27th winner and it will be me.Small things come in big bunches.

  7. sandra lockwood says:

    still think we lose out when we don’t do facebook,but then I have faith as a mustard seed,so who needs facebook,all I need is Jesus and my faith to believe.God bless those who have won and pray there needs were met.

  8. Timothy Braam says:

    Believe in miracle!

  9. caridad batista says:

    My family tells me I am losing time with you…But I believe in day I hope to touch my door with a big check..To make my dream come true..please I wamt to win.$5,000.00 A Week “Forever” Prize winner.PCH Gwy. #3080 . on Feb 27th. thanks pch

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