PCH Agrees That Change Is Good — A $1 Million Every Year For Life Chunk Of Change!

Publishers Clearing House wants to know if you’ve noticed something’s changed? Yes, it’s gotten a little colder outside and it’s getting much darker earlier. But, have you noticed our SuperPrize on pch.com has changed to $1,OOO,OOO.OO Every Year For Life?!

Win $1 Million Every Year For Life!

It’s been said that change is good. And, winning a life-changing Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize of $1 Million Every Year For Life is an unbelievably stupendous chunk of change — figuratively and literally! Plus, when you enter for a chance to win the PCH $1,OOO,OOO.OO Every Year For Life sweepstakes, you also have the opportunity to win 4 other big-money prizes along with a chance to win $1O,OOO.OO instantly! Absolutely amazing! See, change really is good!

Of course, you didn’t actually think that was the only change Publishers Clearing House had for you — did you?! There’s more! Last week, we launched our brand-spanking new website, PCH Save&Win, where you can print coupons for all of your favorite grocery brands and receive online discounts from famous names like Nike, Holiday Inn, Walgreen’s, Canon, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and a whole lot more! Plus, during your entry process into the $1,OOO,OOO.OO Every Year For Life giveaway, make sure to opt-in to receive PCH Save&Win weekly email updates. Every email is filled with savings alerts, online discount opportunities and Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes announcements so you can save big and win millions! Sign-up now because next month, we’ll have some exclusive, big-money sweeps opportunities for you. Yes, it’s great to Save&Win! Meaning — more change in your pocket through more change from Publishers Clearing House — all good, of course!

So, get a move on and head on over to pch.com now! Enter to win the $1 Million Every Year For Life SuperPrize, opt-in to receive your pchsaveandwin.com email alerts and make sure to visit every single day because you can enter for a chance to win every single day! There will be a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner on February 29th!

Remember to check our PCH blog posts every day, too, for all the latest and greatest information about all the change we have to offer you. We’ll be sure to have more updates about PCH Save&Win, too! While you’re at it, visit our Fan page on Facebook and say, “Hi!,” make a new friend or two, and learn about even more ways to enter to win Publishers Clearing House SuperPrizes!

Ah, yes, change is good!

Ellen S.
Creative Director, Interactive Development

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  1. Wanda fendell I really need help I pray everyday for a new life from pch .i know that they somebody else out there who may need help to I will always be in it to win it. Pch please give me give me some of you all love helping me out will help me get my back fix I really need help I don’t have the money to get my second in instagram too get my back fix. I would love to get me a house to call my own.i have R.A. pch that’s why I asked you all please don’t forget me help me out to get some of my life and give me a new life please in Jesus name I will show you all what am going to get with the money if I could work for money I’ll be taking care of sick people that what I love doing but my back won’t let me I had two back surgery and the type of back surgery I need I don’t have the money pch please open up you all heart and soul and helping me out with a new life. Everything I want to do it takes money am writing a book about God and I don’t have the money for that I what to help back the churches that help me out when I needed help and give back to the people that are there for me now. Pch I really really don’t know what else to say. Please don’t let me down pch bless me where I don’t have to ask for help no more if I do i will have the money to pay people to help me with the money that you all going to help me with in Jesus name. 2-26-2017 thanks to all of pch workers that have anything to do with it. I really need help pch.

    1. Hello Wanda, thank you so much for your support. PCH values our loyal fans like yourself. While we do receive millions of entries, only one person can win each giveaway. Keep trying though and don’t give up! Every entry has the same fair chance of winning and all winners are selected randomly; there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. There are multiple ways to enter our many exciting giveaways each day for your chance to become a lucky winner. Click here to see them all: http://bit.ly/Enter-A-PCH-Sweeps. Good luck to you and all who enter!!