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  1. Fiddling about, and through PCHsearch&win can confound, confuse, and even condemn…and it IS a lot of fun! I am 70, going on 4ever, with the bit of brain power I add each time I play…PCH will add neurons, even to an old dawg. Thanks, all Y’All @ PCH!

  2. Every one sweepstake of pch is out class and wonderful but its need to me my name will open in this draw as a winner ,
    this is not only for me its need to may whole family member.and i not able to do job ,just only one chance to win by pch ,
    i love the all sweepstake but awaiting the Pch team member at my home .with the award little or big .
    little award can resolve my some days issue.
    and big award can resolve my whole family problem include my kids education because their education at risk ,
    they are near to stop the education and other my family is also surviving with the financial issues .
    include this i have to my proper treatment abroad ,there are no successful to kill my pain .with the medical consultation so i am now on remedies and normal home tips but these are not fruitful in sure pain and relax for long time ,
    i am disable from the many years past to do the job .my disease prevent me to do the work and other multiple issue are still remain so ,
    if i got the big money prize then i can start my ngo and charity work and i want to share with the red cross ,and American charity Center ,i always have a wish to do some one special for all friends and victim of disaster so ,its would be come true only when God help me.

  3. I love it. PCH. Hopefully thier give me a opportunity to win one of life time. I owes so much credit debt.

    Chieo saetern

  4. Its amazing how the PCH spinning wheel (that uses the diamonds) NEVER lands on any cash just went through 16 spins and not one cash (considering that there are at least 1/3 spots on the wheel that contain cash)

    1. Hello,

      Winners are picked randomly for the PCHSlots wheel. Every day a bunch of winning times are chosen (usually several per hour) and the first person to search after a winning time wins.

      Victoria At PCH