PCH Makes Finding Prize Opportunities Foolproof!

We’ve all missed opportunities and then wondered, “What If?”

Unfortunately opportunities pass us by before we realize they’re even there.

Take heart! Publishers Clearing House has developed a tool to help you take advantage of every Sweepstakes opportunity available so you get more chances to WIN BIG!

It’s the PCH PRIZEBAR and it puts prize winning opportunities¬† from PCH¬† at the top of your browser every time you surf the web. Now, at the very top of your browser, you can find all these exciting web destinations and they’re just a click away:

A very useful, popular feature of the PCHPrizebar is its built-in SEARCH bar that gives you instant information PLUS INSTANT ENTRIES to win INSTANT PRIZES with each of your first 25 searches! This amazing search engine built right into the PCHPrizebar combines the results of Google, Yahoo and Bing, so you get the INSTANT INFORMATION you’re looking for.

Here’s something exciting: Downloading the PCHPrizebar is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Just click the DOWNLOAD NOW button to visit the PCH Customer Service page, then follow the simple steps.

Then enjoy all the benefits of the PCHPrizebar like daily entries for millionaire-making SuperPrizes(R) at PCH.com, along with money-saving magazine and merchandise deals … chances to win INSTANT PRIZES at PCHSearch&Win … reading about the latest PCH Sweepstakes info with the PCHPrizebar’s NEWS TICKER … playing games and EARNING TOKENS … lotto-style games … and saving money at the stores with coupons on your favorite brands from $ave&Win!

So, join the folks who are taking advantage of more opportunities to win than ever thanks to the PCHPrizebar. And let us know now: What PCH site will you visit the most using the PCHPrizebar?

Wishing you a “winning” 2012!

Elliott M.

34 thoughts on “PCH Makes Finding Prize Opportunities Foolproof!”


  2. Robbin Perry says:

    I’m entering in the 3 opportunity to win gwy.nos. 3080,3600,3816, 3818 & HSN gift card. Looking to being a winner. Blessing everyone.

  3. juanetta gardner says:

    I can be the winner!

  4. Brenda says:

    I want to win!

  5. Marielis says:

    God blessing me on June 30th!,I need you

  6. Marielis says:

    Always wishing win.

  7. Carlos Rios says:

    I can’t. Wait to win it all in June 30th so like that I can take care of my love ones and my familyand help. People that are in need..

  8. Carlos Rios says:

    I would like to say thank you so much PCH for everything I hope and pray that I did it right and that I get to win it All on June 30th good luck to all..

  9. this would be a blessing to win !so I can help my children with this student loans .one of them is having financial problems that would be so nice know we all have problems but every little bit helps ,that would be so nicece.thank you Carol Carmody

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