Amanda PCH Creative

Amanda PCH Creative

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  1. Melissa says:

    I also received a scratch off, from pch, said if u have 3 sevens in a row u win 40,000,000$,I had 3 sevens in a row, does that mean I won

    1. Gaynell Gordon says:

      Hmm I received the same exact thing…says you will win 40,000 dollars…from the looks of it I got all 7 on the middle row on the scratch off but does that make me a winner?

  2. ivonne says:

    Are the scratch off ..for real??/?…
    I’m confused 😖 .i don’t know? I got a scratch off tix in the mail today..i wasn’t going to bother with it…i said to my self what the heck. I scratched off and I look at the prize and its for 40,000…could it be real…

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