Amanda PCH Creative

Amanda PCH Creative

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  1. it would be nice to win the 5000 aweek for life prize and pass it to my grand daughter when i die but i will probly never be that lucky because i never won anything of any value but it dont hurt to dream

  2. David Napier says:

    Dont really care for winning the big prizes , I would be happy winning one of the lesser amounts. Like the hundred thousand. It would be just enuff to get a small place and out of the camper that I live in.

  3. Martin Matanic says:

    Thank you for these sweepstakes. The way our economy is today it gives people hope that miracles can still happen.

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    Hi Amanda

  5. Amanda Collins says:

    I want to become the next millionaire in the making I’m ready to win big :)

  6. vince coleman says:

    Pch. Tell me why are these. People. Begging for there money or winnings i won a scratch. Off an i only. Got a choper wbere is my cash. Prize

  7. Miss. GG says:

    Hi Pch please secured my Forever entry.. Today I received a scratch off card super prize amount for $5000 a week forever.. PLEASE SECURED MY ENTRY NOW IF POSSIBLE.. I WANT TO BE YOUR NEXT MILLIONAIRE.. PLEASE MAKE ME YOUR NEXT MILLIONAIRE

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