Amanda PCH Creative

Amanda PCH Creative

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  1. Cheri says:

    I received a scratch off card in the mail that revealed 3 3500 dollar amount. Does this mean I won this amount or I’m just entered into a prize drawing to win this amount.p

  2. candance chambers says:

    Peel an scratch off how much I win an it say 1million dollars im so happy I can win some day an thank you for saying I am a loyal searcher cause I am and im in it to win it big .by faith I see myself in my own home before september 2015 .

  3. LJ says:

    I just have a question, I know you guys do the big check at the front door and all that but I never have heard of anyone winning the scratch tickets and 1000 bucks here or there, I get why you do it but its just a game to keep you in to show your sponsors product. Sales and marketing got it, why offer a prize if no one will ever win it, kinda false advertising since I cant even find one person who ever won it on google. Playing these games gives you and openning into someone person info for what you ask at least, why not show one someone who agrees on your site like ” dana won the cash shark cruise give away” even if your only giving out one at least it shows people have the hair chance of winning and would increase traffic through your website and you will be able to push your product much further. simply put do what the casinos do

  4. it would be nice to win the 5000 aweek for life prize and pass it to my grand daughter when i die but i will probly never be that lucky because i never won anything of any value but it dont hurt to dream

  5. David Napier says:

    Dont really care for winning the big prizes , I would be happy winning one of the lesser amounts. Like the hundred thousand. It would be just enuff to get a small place and out of the camper that I live in.

  6. Martin Matanic says:

    Thank you for these sweepstakes. The way our economy is today it gives people hope that miracles can still happen.

  7. Carla M Antee says:

    Hi Amanda

  8. Amanda Collins says:

    I want to become the next millionaire in the making I’m ready to win big :)

  9. vince coleman says:

    Pch. Tell me why are these. People. Begging for there money or winnings i won a scratch. Off an i only. Got a choper wbere is my cash. Prize

  10. Miss. GG says:

    Hi Pch please secured my Forever entry.. Today I received a scratch off card super prize amount for $5000 a week forever.. PLEASE SECURED MY ENTRY NOW IF POSSIBLE.. I WANT TO BE YOUR NEXT MILLIONAIRE.. PLEASE MAKE ME YOUR NEXT MILLIONAIRE

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