TV Award Season

TV Award Season

33 thoughts on “TV Award Season”

  1. carlamantee says:

    Hello everyone the PCH Reality star

  2. Adolf Grado says:

    My luck If I was to win I would probabably,have a heart attack, and wouldn’t get to spend,any of it. Anyways life goes on! With u or with out u! Keep Dreaming. LOL…..

  3. James Lowery says:

    Hi im James I pray that we win I had back surgery some months o go and I work two jobs and worker comp payment is not helping right now and I lost both job due to my injury so that’s why I pray we win to take care of my family it is very hard right now thank you

  4. Ema Ellis says:

    im dont know who will be grant this lucy winner but if its me my wish will be to pay off all my old and current depts and donate a lum sum to the needys the and the 12 step programs. and to my family my sons and my grandchildrens and travel around the world.

  5. gloria lambe says:

    Hello from dry and drought Indianapolis, In area – I enjoy the PCH games, although I don’t play the games each day – I do enter to win every day though- my children say that I am a Nut – because if I’m going to be away from home, I worry that I won’t be back in time, to do “My PCH entries prior to 11:59pm” -now I ask you am I crazy or what? I used to enter via mail – now I enter on computer too….. so I guess my kids are right – I’m addicted to PCH…I even make sure that a computer is available, when we are on vacation…. see what I mean ????

  6. sharonda mcneill says:

    Diez y cinco de mayo is near come celebrate. My birthday with me an my family pch crew see ya soon folks I dream breath just knowing dave tood Danielle coming to see me

  7. sharonda mcneill says:

    Wow the first winner. In Durham NC of$ 5000.00 a week for life my family time to rise for better on to of better while helping some one else yet better the next big winner 2012

  8. sharonda mcneill says:

    Hi to the first winner in Durham NC. I’m claiming for me an family dream that will soon come true see you soon pch crew


    i am waiting on my GOD TO BLESSED ME WITH A BIG BLESSING.

  10. i would love to win pch plese tet it be my time. julia ann justice

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