Make Being Mobile a “Winning” Experience!

52 thoughts on “Make Being Mobile a “Winning” Experience!”

  1. I play on my phone o my god the phone because very crazy it does what ever it wants so I’m in need of a phone and a big phone I think I’m going blind sometimes

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Lol at Dave

  3. Jason Watson says:

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  4. I play all day on my SAMSUNG3G. And I need to know why when it get to winning the scam man jump’s right into my cell phone. But when I try to play my games it don’t let me keeps saying update, Why. I all ready did download it. Now (THEMAN ) . IS GETTING RICH OFF OF ME KEEP DOWNLOAD & UPDATED THE SAME GAMES. Like how I help lynch (Candy Crush Saga) . I was the first to post it in my country. And now can’t even play it , my cell phone SAMSUNG can’t take it. So what I am saying is PCH GWY NO. 3080. I NEED THAT FOR A NEW CELL! -;-)

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