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Don said...

Hi..Dave Sayer..You have a gooday..your friend…Don…Like see you come to ky jusk Like meet you…and the girls…jusk chat..

lisa campbell said...

I would love to meet Dave Sayer and prize Patrol making me a winner of the PCH $1Million dollars every year for life… !
Remember to enter to win… !!!!

Ginger Veik said...

Hi Dave, I have been entering for over 29 years now, I am still hopeful…:) I smile every time I see the Prize Patrol on TV awarding the next big prize. Thank you to all of you at PCH for changing peoples lives for the better! I hope to meet you someday:) Til then, keep creating smiles :)….

Gina Corser said...

Dear Dave,
I’ve been playing this “Publisher’s Clearing House’s” game, for a very long time now. I first started out with the Old Fashioned, Postal Mail Responses. That sure did take longer, but I thing it may have evened out the actual “ODDS”. Because I know quite a few people that didn’t follow-thru with their “Postal-Mail-In’s”. I Did.
Now with this Inter-net, there must Be Millions upon Millions of People who “DO” Follow-thru, once again, I DO.
Except for the past few years, I have been very sick for what seems like such a long time now.
In fact last week, I was UNABLE 2 even turn my Computer On, for most of the week. I try however, “2-Keep-Up-with ALL-my-Entries”
Well I really Hope that I win that, “$-1-Million-Dollars-EVERY-YEAR-4-LIFE” I could use it, I hate 2 say it but, I NEED It, Badly.
I’ve been Deemed, “Completely Disabled” for the past 6 or 7 years now. I have NO VEHICLE, I Live In A RENTAL [A Dump] Have NO-WAY-2-Get-2-the-Doctor’s-with-Offices-beyond-Yucca Valley. [the town I live In]
I LOST Everything, 6 years ago. With a Fever of 109*, for 8-weeks straight. I was Diagnosed with “Staph-Infection-MRSA” the Doctor’s removed my “HIP-Replacement” of 18 years, and left it out, with,”NOTHING-NO-BONE-IN-THE
-THIGH-AREA-[All the way down to, 2 inches above the Knee]-for-4-years-they-left-me-in-that-condition. Now, with all of that being said, I’m sure I don’t have 2 tell U, just how swiftly, the physical body can deteriorate Itself, from the Agony and Anguish, that Accompanies the Sudden Loss of Limb & Life [or the semblance of: LIFE]
Anyhow, Ive written many times 2 the people who send out those “Response-Needed” e-mails. Just 4 Someone 2 talk 2, as I have found myself, in “New-Found-Isolation” my friends are very FAR & FEW Between. I’m Alone & Lonely. And I DO So NEED 2 WIN on February-29th-2012. I would be so grateful & I would HELP Others Also, Don’t You Worry. I sure would, I had thought of building “A Charitable Foundation” so that I could Donate, [after purchasing a vehicle & down payment on a real home] ALL the Rest of that $1-Million-Dollars, towards Building “A Homeless Shelter” as We DO-NOT Have a Shelter or ANY Sort of Place 4 the Homeless in My Local Area, ANYWHERE. So I have a reason that I really NEED IT, & Not Just 4 My-Selfish-Self. LOL
God Bless You ALL, At Publisher’s Clearing House.
Gina Marie Corser.
From: California.

    kent Hernandez said...

    God bless your soul. Wow. And I thought I had it bad. I am 13 years old and I had back surgery on my birthday. The procedure was called spinal instrumentation and spinal fusion . It still hurts, but not as bad as staff infection! I am praying for you and I will for a long time.

Sharon Robinson said...

All I want to do is Bless others, because God said he will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive. So with that, God wants be to bless others and so do I.

Paul Doss said...

Hi Dave:

Im a 63 year old veteran wanting to help the 2400 homeless vets and the poor and homeless here in Kansas City…that’s what I will do if I am a winner of any amount..thx and God Bless PCH!

Kent Hernandez said...

I am a 13 year old boy. Me and my mom are oing through a rough time (for 8 years now). Well its not as bad as some of your cases, but here’s the the thing. My parents are divorced, my dad is an abusive jerk( not paying child support and holding a knife to my throat when he was drunk), I had a (2)painful surgery (s), and I can go on and on and on!
So this sweepstake prize would mean the world to me! I am sorry! I am being selfish! Actually, with most of it, I would start a ranch for injured animals, homeless people, and orphans.

teresa clark said...

just wanted to say hello ,

Joseph Abrmao said...

Hello Dave, My mom is very sick and I need money to help her to get better. Please Dave send me money so that I could help her get better

Barbara Gerry said...

Dear people at pch, I am just tired,over the years I really thought it would happen, now just can’t keep it up , I know now that it will never happen, I have been true to pch, with about spending $300.00 or so in your productsd, that have been great, can’t do it anymore, just tired Have a good day, and please drive careful, BG

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Barbara,

    Please note that you never have to make a purchase to enter or to win any PCH sweepstakes. Buying doesn’t increase your chances of winning either. We are sorry to see you go, and we will miss you!

    Victoria At PCH

Alllen Choy said...

Very cool… I spent some time in Chicago while taking my Dad to the Chicago Institute of Nuerology and Neurosurgery to visit Dr. Gail Russo, a pioneer in the cure of water on the brain in which she created a stint that flows the water from the brain to the stomach. Sometimes Alzheimers mimicks Normal Pressure Hydrcephalus. In our case it was unfortunate and have lost my Dad 6 years ago to Alzheimers. We stayed at a Best Western on North Broadway. A lot of good memories in Chicago with my Dad. Coming from Alaska it was a scary place at first seeing old brick buildings and old silver subways. I first asked how far we could walk safely from the hotel and was told “five miles or so” in an obvious safe manner. It was just the perception from where we came from in Alaska. It was a nice place with lots of nice people. We found a great pub next to the hotel with friendly people called Jaquelines Place. Subsequently, I sent lots of fish and seafood to show our appreciation for how well they treated my Dad and myself. Go Chicago.

charles nixon said...

Where my money keep play bull sat you say I win some but where is my money you Iwein

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Charles,

    Our entry opportunity emails and mailings specifically state that you have not yet won any prize. If you feel that you have been contacted by PCH about winning a prize, please send us a message at our Ask Us page: http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask so that we can help you with this issue.

    Victoria At PCH

Pauline owens said...

Hi Dave,I just turned 71 this month,never won anything in my life.I would love to win so i can help the needy here in coeburn VA.There so many people that sick with cancer and needs help.I just wish i could help some one, also get me a new car and go on vacation somehere,That my wish,God bless you Dave

john davis said...

Received an email that stated that i was a winner.send contact info to this web site and be verifided. Would appreciate no further contact.i really don’t like the undercover scam spam. Spare me please!

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi John,

    The email that you’re referring to did not come from Publishers Clearing House. You have been the victim of a scam. PCH would not ask for information that we already would have asked for on an entry form. You may report this occurrence to us using our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. We also recommend that you report this incident to the National Fraud Center at http://www.fraud.org.

    Victoria At PCH

zack L said...

Hi, i would like to see a more detailed biography of David Sayer, specifically i would like to know your birthday, i know it sounds strange, but it tells a person alot about that persons horoscope, well thanks.

Andre Leonard said...

It’s hard to believe the number of entry’ sent everyday for the same prize often.

Most days, I get the regular games, the special participation games.

I think more money should go into more games and fewer promotion solicitations.

If PCH sent an email asking people if they thought there were too many games. Most people would say yes.

Glenda Collins said...

I would love to win! If I cannot win, I hope that someone who really needs the $ would win!

Good Luck Everyone!

linda rogers said...

Hay Dave i cant wate to meet you and your team I would love to win a million plus 5,000 a week that would be so sweet I could finily aford health insurance and go see a doctor

Patti W said...

Dear Dave,
I would love to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes this November 30th. I would be so blessed and would not have to worry about paying my monthly bills. You and your staff would be a miracle to me and my family. I have been praying for a while now that I would win this. I just want to say God Bless you and your staff.


Lisa Collier said...

Hi, Lisa here I want to win because Im going to do bankruptcy and have change when I am done with disability is giving. I have been sick like sense I was a young girl ! but, dad said he would cry every time I said I love you Dr. Graham for saving my life… and God too !

thank you
Lisa Campbell

Lisa Collier said...

Hi, Lisa here I want to win because Im going to do bankruptcy and have change when I am done with disability is giving. I have been sick like sense I was a young girl ! but, dad said he would cry every time I said I love you Dr. Graham for saving my life… and God too ! My son has to help me and he does it and I want to do something for him. Just buy a house or car and have extra money for us to go the movies. I feel so guilty he is doing for me! I WANT PCH PRIZE PATROL TO SHOW UP @ OUR DOOR!!!

thank you
Lisa Campbell

Jill Lacey said...

add your comment here Dear Dave Sayer and PCH family,
I know that there is a lot of people out there who are more,broke and in more debt and have more problems and worse situations that I do. But I really really REALLY needU big break in life. I don’t like to beg, but please, PCH, knock on my door November 30th. I will be 26 here in a month & a half. I currently have Crohns Disease and have had it for quite some time now. Everyday is a constant battle for me Witt my disease, medication costs (crazy amount of money monthly just to be okay), and I see a lot of doctors as well. My medical bills keep piling up, along with, my monthly bills, and I have myself in major debt now all because of this stupid illness that I wish I did not have, but reality is, is that I do. I desperately need surgery, but my hospital bills are through the roof and I just cannot afford this surgery that I so desperately need. I work, but with my condition it makes it very hard right now, because I need, this surgery. I also am a college student. I can’t live off of my paychecks because they are just simply not enough to pay my bills, doctors, hospital bills, and,medications. So I go further into debt each month. I really need,help & I cannot find help any where. Please, PCH, I beg of you to help me out. If I were,to win I would take care of my situation, but I would honestly give to charities too. I actually use to give to charities as much as I could before Crohns and all this debt. I really really am looking for some sort of help. Please,PCH, PLEASE HELP ME!! I know there are purple worse off than I am, but I have replies to every single email and have fine everything, you can see how much I want & need this by that. I beg of you to help me if you can. I really would be forever thankful!! I hope you read this and give me some consideration.
Thank you for your time, and I really hope you consider me November 30th :-)
An avid PCH fan that does every email & all I can to try & win!!
Thank you.
Jill M. Lacey
St. Louis MO

I like everyone else need this, I hope you hear my voice this evening in a desperate plea of help . All because of of an illness I have, it truly had ringed my credit money situation, and I am really trying to hang i’m there. I need a miracle. PCH PLEASE COME TO MY RESCUE!!! I think what you do Dave Sayer,and PCH team is amazing. And I just want to thank you for being generous to people, and I hope I am next on your winner list!! Love, you guys!!

PICK ME,PICK ME PLEASSEEEEEE!!! :-) I am lost with no more ideas on how to get out of my financial situation that got dropped on me due no reason, but I have to deal with it, but I need a,miracle, I need your help Dave Sayer & PCH!!!

Brooke Roberts said...

Hello, my name is Brooke Roberts, I’ve been writing to you and other pch members,or blogs you have at pch. I think you all are miracle makers and i Hope wish and pray to win this month if it’s the million ten million or 5 thousand a week for life! My family is I’m dier need for help in financial needs, like I’ve said many times.. I really Hope i see you at our door. thank you your dear Friend Brooke Roberts ..

Mildred Placa said...

Hi Dave
This is Mildred this would be a Blessing for me to donate to charitable foundations or I would start one for families in my state, just look around and you have people in need everywhere. My family would be pleased also, what a great day it would be for you to come to my house.

Dawn Hall said...

Dear PCH, I have been entering your sweeps since 1977. I have purchased a few things, but I just enjoy entering sweepstakes, not REALLY believing I will ever win. Well, you DID send me a ten cent check years ago! (Ha, ha!) It just seems sad to me that all these people keep telling you what good works they will do with the money if they win. I am sure they would share their wealth, as I would, but we can not bargain with GOD about trivial things like sweepstakes winnings. That being said….PLEASE SEND ME SOME MONEY!!!! :-)

carla dean said...

Hi, I just want to win something!!

Hope Goldsmith said...

Hello, Dave Sayer and PCH… I pray for you every single day. Oh, I’m praying to Jesus for your good health and well being… It don’t matter if I win something or not, my purpose is to just pray for you. God bless you always. God bless PCH. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Fran Wiliamson said...

I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long long time!

Hunt, Howard said...

Dear Mr. Sayer,

I have been seeing you alot on TV latley. To me this is good and bad. Everybody and there mom are entering everyday like madmen I would assume. One because Danielle is making all these cute and attractive gestures and the new generation are finding out that there might be a way that they won’t have to live off food stamps with no jobs available for the rest of their life. That’s the bad part the good part is that these commercials have inspired me to try and reach out to you personally. I am a proud construction worker specifically residential homes. Working for a general contractor that builds houses from start to finish has given me the ability to do the same. I don’t need five thousand a life or one million dollers. Really for me to make millions in my opinion on my own is one signature from a qualified co signer to get a buisness loan for the construction material to build one house by myself. The design of the house will sell itself making me a profit of at least double. The bank is telling me the amount I need will take years to build the credit to get the amount needed (around 50k) that’s just material.All labor will be done by me still keeping my day job. When there is a beam or wall to heavy to lift by myself I will just call friends that owe me favors to help me for a couple minutes for free. So if your interested in a all expense paid vacation to Alaska for a couple days including plane ride, hotel, rental car and at least one day of sport fishing for salmon around June is ideal. As long as your not a A list celeberty you shouldn’t get harassed by the locals. I’m a legit guy with a friendly vanilla ice personality so I’m sure we will get along well. I have nothing to loose by this offer.You have nothing to do with the winning of the sweepstakes so if I don’t win you still have a chance to catch some salmon in Alaska with Me Howard Hunt. If I somehow am able to obtain a loan you can still have me escort you around anchorage if you want to have some fun this summer. If you email me just stick pch in the subject.

kenneth lucas said...

I want win i love my husben and we want to travel to see our moms

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I would really be surprised to meet you I am 67 years old and still need to work, to win would be magnificent

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