PCH Uses TV To Help Find Our Newest Millionaire!

Watch television?

Then you probably saw at least one Publishers Clearing House commercial on television recently.

There were eight “traditional” commercials and one “humorous” commercial that aired over a two-week period.

Our “traditional” commercials are famous for showcasing real winning moments when the Prize Patrol awards a life-changing prize to our winners. It’s exciting and inspiring to see surprised winners crying, laughing and jumping for joy. The “humorous” commercial juxtaposed a fake winning moment (the Prize Patrol goes to the wrong door!) and real winning moments.

Maybe you just saw Larry Brown, Natalie Bostelman or Julie Laughlin win $1,000,000.00 on one of our commercials.  Or perhaps you saw LeRoy Faulks, Sr. win our huge Mega Prize — $1,000,000.00 cash plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life!

Why all those commercials this January?

Simple! The Prize Patrol will be hitting the road on February 29th to award a millionaire-making SuperPrize! And we wanted to get the word out about our $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life SuperPrize. That’s right! On February 29th, PCH is looking for the next big winner so we took to the airwaves letting everyone know HOW to get in on the action.

What? You didn’t see the commercials and you’re not sure if you’re in the running to win $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life on February 29th? No problem! Entering is FAST and EASY. Just go to pch.com and in a few moments you can enter for FREE! Go to PCH.com and enter right now. You can continue to enter to win $1,000,000.00 Every Year For Life at PCH.com once a day until February 21st.

I really enjoy watching the winning moments on our television commercials. As someone who helps create the exciting opportunities to enter to win, I think it’s interesting to hear what people are saying in this thrilling moment.

  • “I can’t believe it!”
  • “No way! I don’t believe it!”
  • “Are you kidding? Is this a joke?”
  • “Oh my God!”
  • “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Part of me is always surprised when our winners scream that they don’t believe they won. BELIEVE IT! Real people win real life-changing fortunes from Publishers Clearing House.

If you missed the commercials on television, you can watch them below! After watching the commercials, let us know what you think. Traditional? Humorous? What would you scream if you won a life-changing fortune from Publishers Clearing House? Would you laugh? Cry?

Hoping your day is a “winner”,

Elliott M.

57 thoughts on “PCH Uses TV To Help Find Our Newest Millionaire!”

  1. joey castaing says:

    I want to win for my first baby daugther

  2. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch my birthday is coming up on Nov 30th I would love to be the next winner.

  3. Glenda Perez says:

    win is my big dream come to california,I am ready to win on june 30th,welcome to house my PCH and My Teams.

  4. Brenda Mugleston says:

    Dear PCH Patrol Team, I am looking forward to you coming to Utah this April 2014 and knocking on my door to win the PCH $7,000.00 a week for a life time prize. I have worked very hard all my life through blood sweat and tears and I have always tried to be respectful of others and help others. I would love so much to see you at my door as this has been a long dream waiting as many other individuals who continue to try and win. This year I have such a great feeling inside and good vibes that I will be PCH next winner. This will greatly help me and my family to get out of debt and finally own a home of our own. I am a very humble and grateful person who has always put others needs before my own. I have always felt great comfort in helping others and now the time has come that this means everything to me, to help my family, kids, grandchildren and others but the greatest gift would be the ability to be debt free and quit stressing how we are going to make ends meet from pay day to pay day. I am not a selfish person and have always done my best to provide, love and help my family and others in need. I have always wanted to own my own home, just a regular rambler home, I do not seek to be selfish I seek to be humble, loving and helping others in need, especially the elderly and Farmers. I have good vibes that I will be meeting the PCH patrol soon and I look forward to meeting you all and this being a life changing event for not only me and my family but others in need. I thank you PCH for giving us this opportunity to win and have a positive life changing event occur in our lives. May God be with you and I look so forward to meeting you in the near future. Take Care and see you soon.

  5. DearPublishing Clearing House My name is Barbara I would love to win a million dollars a year For life Never really help me AnBlessing family Oh cause someone else too I’Blessing I my lesson I know I Doing Owning a home And Hannah off all my debts And be debt free And don’t worry about When my next payment coming from I’m saying for my grandkids College PCH Make me a woman I win I will not waste it I know just what I have to do Make things better for me and my family Can help someone else PCH I want to be a Wanna Thank you for being so kind too People God bless all of You PCH. Good luck to all of us. PS hope to hear from you soon Barbara brown Number 3080

  6. I hope I will be the one of them someday! :o)

  7. It’s fun to watch the winner to win ! Love to see their face experession shock to see you PCH show up at their doors!!! I love that!!!

  8. Robin Doss says:

    Love them All, Hoping and praying Ill be next…. Love To All.

    1. joey castaing says:

      August 19 I’ll become a dad she 4 month now she meant everything for me she my first I love her to death if I win I’m pay everything new for my daugther

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