Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Hi Mrs Holland

  2. clay julien says:

    i have raised all my farmes kidds at six a hour in the field a vacation would be great from them at that caust a living and would make farming at home alot nicer. so to you i say checkmate

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    Thanks A Million Mrs Holland

  4. Carla M Antee says:

    I’m here in Natchitoches LA, I will contact you

  5. Marilyn Grubowski-Hochmuth says:

    Thank You for helping me and teaching me. I Love my husband more than anything else in the world. we have been married for 16 years and we have just begun to share our Love for each other.We are now just beginning our marriage. I would like to renew my vows and write our on vows and have a big white wedding.. As my husband is My Savior. we have suffered enough from ID —Theft. I would like to have my husband at home with me working with me and not working -like a -dog in a— factory. He has not yet had a real vacation. he has worked very hard and people have used both of us for there own personal gain.We are born in the USA and no one has the right to -use -borrow-take-steel or trade our id spirits or entities. The powers that God has chosen to give us is our are own personal powers.and are not to be shared with anyone without written permission first. I really need to win the 10 million plus the $5,000.00 a week because I am looking forward to working with Good people. The company he works for has no right to control Him Me my family relatives friends or people in the world..I do not and will not ever let him go. He deserves to be treated like a king and have all his wants and needs. I really Love Him more than anything. I want to live and Love him forever. Both of us deserve to have The Good life that God has planned for both of us. We will have a wedding at freedom hill and do all acts necessary to save and protect the people of the USA . In God we trust. we all must survive.I need all my personal property back that was -taken -stolen-used-borrowed-given away. I need this money to place it all in my name. I want my husband to live a long happy life on my side with our children family friends relatives and good people in the world. We are all survivors. Thank you

  6. Amanda herring says:

    I’m not gonna tell you all my problems why I need the money! Everybody I believe needs the money! I do hope I win! But also let the best person win! And whoever is struggling out there, I pray that God will give us strength to hold on and to keep faith! Just because you don’t win the money, God doesn’t give up! So let the best person win! And God Bless us all! And thank you Deborah for making people’s dream come true! Your a blessing and the team! Thank you! :D

  7. Robert Rinaldo says:

    A am I a winner yes or no I, m bing play with .

  8. Steve Peters says:

    Attn: Mz. Deborah Holland: While this happily successful retiree, ex- CEO, board member and adm. consultant to a wide assortment of corporations can comprehend that while your name is attached to a percentage of my e-mails, none are actually sent by you, rather your IT department schedules them for release at various times. However for the second time today, one of the favored ploys of PCH to draw us to your site is again just a tad threatening, a bit of annoyance inasmuch as earlier today I responded to the exact same pitch. How embarrassing that you, your company has so many unresolved glitches. In your position as Executive VP might you possibly take a bit of your valuable time to look into and resolve this one? I am confident mine is not to only -e-mail where this is occurring. After reading the above I am doubtful you messages left here are ever seen by you or brought to your attention. My opinion of PCH Incorporated was more positive prior to entering this little experiment. A senior retiree such as myself on rainy days, off hours listening to news fill time in many ways, one became PCH after receiving an unsolicited mailer from PCH and the attraction of learning how your company with sixty years under it’s belt in direct M&S has been so successful. WHY AM I REQUIRED TO REPEAT IN THE PM WHAT WHAT WAS ALREADY ATTENDED TO IN THE A. M.? Thanks, S. P. ret mostly teed.


    I really need this money. as in 1997 I went threw 123. thank God Jesus came and saved me.. I know I am a very powerful person and to many people took advantage of me. i have been threw everything. I have been homeless in the past. set on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back. I went threw every test that was placed in front of me God knows all that I have been put threw.I joined pch when i was 16. I need this money to purchase my parents house back that was taken from me. my sons father died and his estate was stolen from my son. people falseified statements about me. i have been threw the court systems found guilty when I was innocent. I hired attorneys that did not do there job. I was exploited by a doctor. I was suppose to have a malti millon dollar settlement and the attorneys did not give me the money. there is alot of work I have o do to fix the USA as to many bad people used me in the past. You know who I am. and I need JUSTICE. i THANK GOD EVERYDAY FOR MY HUSBAND AND HES SOMETHING i WILL NOT GIVE UP ON AS WE HAVE WORK TO DO.. I have always been forced to do things. My husband is the best man I have ever met. I am in the process of writing a family needs this and I worked for it for many years.people make choices and i made all good ones. people choose to take 123 steps down or 123 steps up. God is in charge no one else.\
    let us proclaim the mystery of faith:

    1 people; Dying you destroy our death,
    rising you restored our life.
    Lord Jesus come in glory.
    2.When we eat this bread and drink this cup
    we proclaim your death LORD JESUS until you come in glory.
    3 Lord,by your cross and resurrection you have set us free
    You are the savior of the World.


  10. Paul Carlson says:

    Hi Deborah, this is Paul G. Carlson…yes Deborah, I really want to win SuperPrize $5,000.00 gwy. no. 3080 on Feb.27, 2015 plus I want to win SuoerPrize $1,000,000.00 gwy. no. 4950. I hope I win this time and best wishme luck! Deborah, wish you Happy New Year 2015! Also PCH team too…

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