Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Tory Lee says:

    Thank you Deborah, for all the hope that you give…..

  2. Hi Deborah Holland, how are you doing? This is Paul G. Carlson. Deborah, I am not about about Claim Number…but is sound like Claim Number is 6111 or 1563 but not sure is that 4900 on Nov. 25th. Please Deborah I really want to win $10,000.00 double $5,000.00 every week for life. Please Deborah make me to win and I got to win this time. I needing it. Please Deborah give me change to win….

  3. Hi Deborah Holland
    I am wondering why it says “Thoughts on Deborah Holland “.
    ?? Usually you write something on your Blog. Maybe your on
    Vacation I hope. I am still trying to win and
    Move to a peaceful place where there is less
    People rushing around and more people that are
    Nicer and more respectful. I would love to just be able to
    Live comfortable in “my”nice yard with my loving
    2 granddaughters and loving grandson and there mom
    Coming to visit . Maybe even enough to get them a decent
    Little house they can finish growing up in of there
    Own . They are so cute and I really wish I could
    Give them that. Because having a better atmosphere
    To grow up in would mean less things happening at a
    Younger age. But maybe not. They are good smart
    Kids but I just wish we all lived in a calmer ,
    better place of our own . It’s so tough and the things
    I wish I could do for them I hurt because I can’t and it
    Would make it better if I did:( Well I hope to hear from
    You soon.. I will check back to see if you wrote anything
    On your Bllog. Lots of special things I wish for you
    And you are in my heart. God Bless Deborah . Margie

  4. Mrs . Deborah Holland, all I need is one chance to have an opportunity to be able to be with my wife and family in North Carolina, and if a way is made, our relationship will be saved. Thank you for Listening

  5. eddie.boyd says:


  6. eddie.boyd says:


  7. GlendaTolbert says:

    I keep getting e-mails; to respond t pch but am afraid of scams..Glenda

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