Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Paul Carlson says:

    Hi Deborah, this is Paul G. Carlson…yes Deborah, I really want to win SuperPrize $5,000.00 gwy. no. 3080 on Feb.27, 2015 plus I want to win SuoerPrize $1,000,000.00 gwy. no. 4950. I hope I win this time and best wishme luck! Deborah, wish you Happy New Year 2015! Also PCH team too…

  2. You sure are beautiful, Ms. Holland. I thought (please excuse me) a very old lady, uncommon in features. But Wow, you are drop-dead gorgeous. Good Luck in all your future endeavors. Merry Christmas, In Truth Maria Elena Friskel

  3. Dinah Scott says:

    Ms. Holland I really can use a big blessing to win it would help me get out of financial depots so me &my children can move forward in life its such a disappointment to have been playing pch but then u unsure because of others running there scams wow I’ve been ordering & sending money that I really couldnt afford wow it hurts & its scary I really need to win to give back to god because it his before its ours godbless I am a member of VIP pch &loyalty customer

  4. eddie.boyd says:

  5. eddie.boyd says:

  6. Hi Deborah Holland, how are you doing? This is Paul G. Carlson…Denorah Holland, I got my Claim No. is 42 6111 1946 08. Now, how can I go thru into my Claim No. in? Please Deborah Holland , ask explaining to me it.

  7. Daniel Costanzo says:

    are you are so beautiful

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