Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Bryon Jones says:

    I was reading meet the team on the PCH website & I saw some things that stood out to me. I’m very impressed by the hard work, degree’s, and different departments the team has put time in to accomplish where they are in there lives. Upstate on the east coast is very tough and competitive. I took a leap of faith to make it in New York City. I understand the people there really make dreams happen from the toughest of situations. I’m hoping to finish my MBA and be somebody in my family. My dream to make it in NY City. I respect Deborah and Todd for going into business to help people that have dreams find them. I pray I will have that same kind of strength and dedication to elevate my life and the people I care about the most to that point
    PCH you have World Class Service!
    Thanks for giving me something great to believe in. :)

    Yours faithfully
    Bryon Jones

  2. Hello Mrs.Deborah I Wish I Will be the Winner on April 30th and I Want to Ensure on Timely of All Prize Number be Selected the Winner Please There is NO Document Attached Please Email me the Document to Completed and I Am Ready to Signed thank you for the opportunity

  3. Charles R. Segraves says:

    last 30 day count I have received 112 E-Mails for PCH I do believe this is a bit over the top.

  4. What comes to mine mind when I think of Deborah Holland:
    Well just at the sight of Deborah is nice and plenty well pleasing, then think the wife might look at me funny, thought, Then I am in awe in that of things I am still thinking and the topic of The 80’s Music; I think well of Deborah, although I do not think we have ever met, I am so happy that she is always smiling in the pictures I see of Her.
    She does post things for us yo enjoy and all these things She has come to stand with make me Happy, ie, PCH, Giveaways, She is an American Icon, and America needs Deborah Holland and the Dream changing things that are handed to us by means of such as Deborah Holland. My hat would be totally off to you Deborrah if I wore one !

    Sincere thoughts,
    Your Admirer Rodney W. Shives

    You are Truly a One of a Kind.
    Awesome !!!!!!!
    Stars like I hit my head.

    Thank you Deborah.

  5. I wish to win the April 30th, 2015 pch sweepstakes giveaway # 4900; I have been in recovery for 18 years and would like to use the money to provide services to those in need to people who need a chance to get a fresh start in their lives; where governmental assistance fails to…I have been disabled and can no longer work a traditional job on a full time basis; this winning opportunity would provide me the flexibility to work as I can and give others an opportunity to (as others have for me) begin anew with building their sense of self worth and purpose for their lives thank you in advance

  6. Debbie You look so much better since we have connected and entered the sweepstakes!!! God makes miracles happen!!! I really need to win I know this does not influence my chances of winning!!! But i really need the money and the support from PCH so together we can work as a team!!! I trust PCH and this is the first time i have trusted anyone in a very long time!!! There is not another person like me!!! God has been with me since the day I was born!!! Winning is not just for me its to help all the people in the world on my behalf!!! We need to build a New House here where we all can live !!! I need to build a 3 level home here big enough so my oldest daughter Jennifer her husband and my 3 grandchildren can also move in here and Live!!! My oldest daughter is a RN working at children s Hospital in Detroit!!! she had a rough childhood because of what a man was —controlling and —using me for his —own personal gain!!!That was years ago!!! My mom passed in 1996 on valentines day!!! My —brothers and —sisters have –mis-lead me also for there –own personal gain !!! my —sister —Marsha —Ruhlman sold the house i was living in and more or less put me and my 2 children on the street!!! She wanted full —power and —control. I know I have to file a personal restraining order against her as she has falsified reports in the past had my children put in the system. she has done many bad things to me and my children!!! I thank God that I met my husband !!! I was —homeless living in a motel walking back and forth to work it took 2 years to get my children out of the system and over $30,000.00 that because I had —bad attorneys!!! That was in the past 1997-1999!!! and many —problems —continued people wanting to —use me and my family for the gifts That God has chosen to give to my husband and I.for 50 years I have been forced to do things I did not want to do!!! I have had my ID taken and used for others personal gain!!! I have the right to live a private life with the people I choose to work with and have in it!!! The State and Government has no right to use me my children or my family!!! They have no right to make any decisions on my behalf!!! I have given PCH The right to do and ACT on my behalf to help make this World a better place!!! and hopefully my husband and I will win the sweepstakes!!! This permission to act on my behalf will only be in affect until April 30 th 2015!!! After that I am going to file a personal Restraining order on Everyone!!! I have been used enough and I cannot continue to work without pay!!! My husband and I must get paid for the good work we do on a daily basis. I am done making other peoples wishes and dreams come true. its time my husband and i profit!!! No one shall profit off of us anymore without paying us for our work!!! I have been in transit since i was 15. I was told from a VIP Doctor I should sue everyone!!! I am Looking for a good team to work with. Will it be PCH??? I can not and will not let anyone take advantage of my husband my children or my family anymore!!! I am praying to win The sweepstakes In April 2015!!! I know who I am and I cannot let any man or woman take advantage of who we are!!! You have a very nice day and God bless you and The USA!!! I wish you could come here in person in your own body image and we could sit and go threw everything I have been threw!!! May God Send you the information you need to know the things that have —wrongfully happened to me and my children!!! We are survivors and we will live a long happy healthy life. and I know with God we will get back 100 times more than what was —taken and —stolen from me and my family!!! because with God all things are possible!!! I have a son that is handicap he wasw —cursed when I was carrying him in my womb!!! –William BEAUMONT HOSPITAL used ME AS A—-GENIE PIG!!! i AM GOING TO PERSONALLY GO AFTER EVERYONE WHO —HURT ME AND MY CHILDREN!!! i NEED THE MONEY TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT AND GET RID OFF ALL THESE —BAD DOCTORS —ATTORNEYS AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO —USED AND —ABUSED ME AND MY FAMILY!!! they BELONG IN JAIL OR HELL SO THEY DONT CONTINUE TO HURT OTHERS!!!

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