Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. A Austin says:

    Hey guest, sorry but for years PCH has been providing a false sense of hope that uou will win. As a fool you buy into there products, making them rich while you will not win. My grandmother was faithful to PCH with her efforts to win and provide for her entire family as she would say, but year after year. She Never Won. Those commercials are paid actors and again providing a false sence of hope to desperate needed people. Luck has nothing to do with this to help you win.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello A Austin, I assure you that PCH is the real deal! We’ve awarded over $262Million to winners from all over the US and Canada and that number climbs daily! Remember that we do receive millions of entries but there can only be one winner per giveaway. All winners are randomly selected and there’s no way to know who we’re going to surprise next. Below are a links to actual news coverage of our latest winners:

      Desiree Schudder:…-a-big-check.ece

      Laurie Aragon:

      Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!

  2. Deborah Holland THANK YOU Very MUCH from the HEARTof CAJUN COUNTRY.seeburn. Chaumont

  3. Deborah holland good morning Happy Mardi Gras having big problem wt Doc.w-7 can’t accept my prize number and deposit on my I-Pad forthcoming Prize Number is fully approved Winner Selection process for this event not sure what to do Please Help me thanks .seeburn chaumont

  4. I have.not been able to finish playing it keeps on freezing up I can’t believe play the bonus rounds it freezes up the one before it for me get a week ca you fix it and why when I search it says search topics your interested in how do you know what I’m interested in as long as I’m performing a search I’m not interested in celebrates doesn’t make sense I’m searching what I’m interested in not what you suggest

  5. Paula Miller says:

    Debra-I’m sure you don’t reply or even make all the comments in your Sweepstakes–but to feel like you’re not going to win because-you’re one day too late, or your network is down. Can you call back later? Too bad-I have been on my phone-playing your games-answering your surveys for YEARS. Thanks

  6. Jerry Leopold II says:

    Happy New Year Deb, I was just wondering if there is a page I can go to to find out how many entries I have? And the dates of the drawings? Thank you verry much. Jerry.

  7. Shirley Pipion says:

    Dear Deborah, Just like many others I to would like to win!! I’ve been trying for so long (2011) Hope it will be my turn soon as I will be 82 years old this year.Would love to give my family things I could not afford,before I’m too old. 👵 Happy New Year!!

  8. Jadwiga T. says:

    Happy NEW YEAR to you Deborah. Please I want to win 5,000 a week FOREVER on FEB.26.2016. I have leather from You from last year. “I am a winner 1 million and 5,000 a week for life”. Never happen. I am disable and my life is going nowhere. Have a nice day

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