Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. Kathleen D Creedon says:

    Dear Deborah,
    I received the final step envelope in the mail praying for something good to come out of all of the years I have been participating. The problem is that I can’t complete the final step as the stickers to apply on the papers for completion were not in the envelope, therefore I can no longer participate in PCH and wondering if this is deliberate.
    Thank You,
    Kathleen Creedon

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Kathleen, we’re sorry that you were missing some of the mailing components from the promotional mailer you received. No worries. Please reach out to our Customer Service Team by contacting us at
      1-800-566-4724. A Representative will be happy to explain what you need to do to complete the process and mail back your entry. Our Representatives are available Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 8:30 pm – Eastern Time. we look forward to hearing from you. Have a fantastic day!

  2. Mary Rossi says:

    I received a letter about the last phase of the $7,000.00 per week prize. It said I will receive a letter with a label to compete my chance to win in about 2 days. This is the
    fourth day and I have not received it. Please help.

  3. EUGENIA BEMIS says:

    I can’t believe you people fall for this BS!!!!!

  4. Please ask them to spell my name correctly they have Beverly Jackson my name is Beverly Jackson please tell them not to send any more notices until they can make this correction 2920 Old Troy Pike apartment 108 Dayton Ohio 45404

  5. Douglas Boyd says:

    Please contact me as I just received you email and post address, I hope this is real

  6. Douglas Boyd says:

    Deb I was notified to contact you

  7. Aruna Hoover says:

    batch #: 102920/20323 winning number 20299210

  8. ed belknap says:

    Winning#: 20299210 Email Ref#: 112093832

    Batch#: 102920/20323

    1. Darwin E. Boonstra says:


  9. mike taggart says:

    batch102920/20323 winning 20299210

  10. david long says:

    batch102920/20323 winning number20299210

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