Deborah Holland PCH

Deborah Holland PCH

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  1. maurice says:

    Yes i accept this agreement

  2. Cary says:

    Ms. Holland what brand would u like me to buy and I’ll do the sacrifice for an ENTRY THAT I MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT WIN. I already know I’m not winning anything since I keep getting notices of the sweepstake in August. I’ve explained how much I get a month and in food stamps. I can’t barely afford not even a McDonald meal. The furniture I have my brother bought, the condo that I live my brother bought it cash & I don’t even live in the best area either but at least I have a roof over my head. I don’t even own a laptop my son naught an iPhone 6 plus which I use to dictate to Siri, then look with a magnifying glass if she wrote it right if she didn’t then I erase the sentence and attempt to write it myself. That’s the reason sometimes you see misspelling. I’m legally blind. I’ve mention it will come a time I definitely won’t be able to continue playing due to vision and not even enter. I do want to win but not like others that say please please I’m this or I have that. I ALWAYS HAVE SAID I WANT THE BIG PRIZE WHICH IS THE CAKE IF THE FROSTING COME WELL SO BE IT. I don’t start to put all this numbers on a regular basis for the extras not doing that so more people have chance of winning something. I would also like to write on my own but I have to write in capitals and bold letters. Have a blessed day..

  3. Patricia says:

    WOW what a beautiful lady!!! Deb, I guess I must be deslectic. I’m sure I started over a yr ago entering my # by phone. I’ve recorded the dates daily so I wouldn’t forget only to discover this wk. I inverted the first four #’s. UGH! how sick is that?? My g/kids used the envelope w/most of the dates but, I started again. Rep. said, there wasn’t such a # 01020514111. Then why didn’t I get a response when I put it in? When I rec. a bill on merchandise I hadn’t ordered is when I noticed.

    Do u show a map of directions & where the flowers are to be picked up if your NOT going to be a winner???? That only gets your hopes up for a disappointment.

    An orphanage & St Jude is where my donations will go. And college for g/kids.

    1. Patricia says:

      No, I would like a reply. Sorry

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