The Prize Patrol at Mall of America®

The Prize Patrol at Mall of America®

7 thoughts on “The Prize Patrol at Mall of America®”

  1. Pamela Wilson says:

    Hello Pamela Wilson still waiting for my pch prize

  2. Tell me Pamela Wilson is a pch winner 01/07/2014

  3. Pamela Wilson says:

    Hello i enter contest all the time have won 3 times in my life time I’m 61 my b’day was this month pch I’m waiting for a belated gift see u soon I’m sitting on my pouch in the cold

  4. george mack says:

    It’s time!!! I pray that one day that I would become a winner in 2012.This would be the best thing to me and my family this year. I will be so happy. And bless me to bless family and my friends.Amen

  5. God Willing, the pch will pick a winner that needs the financial help the sweepstakes gives people a chance to win, or they will pick someone that will donate and part of the winnings to help others not as fortunate. That is what is really great about our county, the united states!

  6. I am going to check our Mall of America out and cee what all it has to offer.
    I sure know that all who win….Is going to spend….spend…..spend!!!!HOORAY!!!!!

  7. Charlisa johnson says:

    I would love to b pch’s winner in feb.the lord will bless me to bless the people around and city and state.its been along time and detroit is due for it.rt!!!! We need help!!! I feel it coming!!! Just wait n c.

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