Become A Winner! STAY SAFE And Protect Yourself Against Fraud!

Dear Publishers Clearing House Friends,

It’s DEFINITELY happening. On February 29th Publishers Clearing House will award a life-changing SuperPrize to a lucky winner. It’s an exciting time here at PCH … and at the end of February things will become VERY exciting for the lucky winner.

However, when a BIG PCH prize is being awarded there can sometimes be an increase in activity by scammers who fraudulently use the Publishers Clearing House name.  With the February 29th SuperPrize award date looming, there’s no better time to spread the word and help our PCH friends to stay safe and protect themselves against fraud.

Here are THREE important STAY SAFE tips:

STAY SAFE TIP #1:  If you’re asked to send or wire money or mail someone a prepaid card in order to claim a prize ― DON’T DO IT ― you have NOT been contacted by the real Publishers Clearing House. Sweepstakes are free – that’s the law!  You are never required to make a purchase or pay a fee in order to claim a sweepstakes prize award.  It’s that simple.

STAY SAFE TIP #2:  If someone calls you on the telephone and tells you that you’ve won a prize, HANG UP!  If someone emails you and claims you have won a prize, DON’T RESPOND!  At PCH, our BIG SuperPrize winners are notified in person by the PCH Prize Patrol, who will go to great lengths to findthem, no matter where they may be ― even if they’re at work or on vacation.

STAY SAFE TIP #3:  Tips #1 and #2 STILL APPLY even if someone tells you they’re representing Publishers Clearing House or a member of the PCH Prize Patrol or if they use a familiar and recognized name of one of our PCH employees. If they’re asking you to make a payment to claim a prize ― they’re imposters!

If you are contacted by a scammer please let us know by emailing us at This information helps Publishers Clearing House as we partner with authorities to try and crack down on scammers who fraudulently and illegally use the PCH name.

Explains Margaret Crossan, Director of Consumer Affairs, “At Publishers Clearing House we are committed to consumer education and protection and we partner with leading consumer groups and law enforcement agencies to assist in fighting back against the fraudsters.”   You can read more about the steps PCH is taking to protect our consumers here.

Stay safe, friends.  And remember that EVERYBODY WINS when PCH consumers protect themselves against fraud!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

45 thoughts on “Become A Winner! STAY SAFE And Protect Yourself Against Fraud!”

  1. Phillip Patton says:

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  5. Phillip Patton says:

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  7. Kimberly weeks says:

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