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Dear PCH Friends,

Recognize me? It’s Edwin, the PCHSearch&Win Owl!  I help put the “Win” in PCHSearch&Win, the only search engine that gives you new instant prizes opportunities every day plus a daily entry into the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes!

Have you “Liked” PCHSearch&Win on Facebook yet? You should because there are a bunch of recently added features and prizes for you to check out!

Head on over to the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page now.

Click the “Like” button and you’ll be able to enter into a monthly drawing for an incredible $5OO.OO cash prize!  It takes just seconds to enter and it could really pay off in cold, hard cash!

Need more convincing? Fans of PCHSearch&Win get special prize opportunities and contest alerts! Amazing!

While you’re visiting our Fan Page, check out our video for anything else you might need to know about PCHSearch&Win ― the search engine with Publishers Clearing House Power!

Oh and there’s one other thing (this is actually my favorite part). There’s an exciting new feature on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page where you have the option to share adorable pictures of … ME. It’s so easy! Once you become a fan and get your entry for a $5OO.OO prize, you can choose a photo to share.  I’ve got lots more photos up my sleeve! Keep checking back for updates!

Also, don’t forget to check out our wall and get involved! There are always interesting and informative conversations going on in this fun community of folks who love Searching and Winning!

I’ve got to fly … but I hope you’ll “Like” the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page today! Let me know your favorite part in the comments section below.

Yours truly,

P.S.  Here’s a peek! Doesn’t it look great?

419 thoughts on “Like” PCHSearch&Win! Get A Chance To Win $500.00 & More!”

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