Who Will Win Big On February 26th – and February 29th?

The nominations for the Academy Awards have now been announced.  Unlike some years when certain nominees looked like shoo-in’s, it’s a mystery this year what movies and which actors will be honored with Oscar statuettes worth their weight in gold.  Maybe the ones that win big will be “War Horse” and George Clooney and Meryl Streep.  Or “The Help” and Brad Pitt and Viola Davis.  Or … who knows?  You’ll just have to tune in and watch the Academy Awards on February 26th to find out.

But the suspense will not end that night.  That’s because another prize worth its weight in gold will be presented three days later — on February 29th — when the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on some lucky person’s door and announces “YOU are our newest Publishers Clearing House millionaire!”  And you know what?  To win big and walk away with our top honors, you don’t have to be a movie star or a biggie in the film industry. You won’t have to audition or have any acting experience or directorial talent.  All YOU have to do is enter the Sweepstakes and YOU could win.

Enter the Sweepstakes now by clicking on this link to pch.com and you could win $1 Million A Year … for Life!

I can almost guarantee that our Big Check honoree will not be a Hollywood luminary. The lucky winner will most likely be a man or woman who has never appeared in a movie or on TV or on a fancy Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.   But the winner will – without a doubt — experience the thrill of a lifetime when the Prize Patrol surprises him or her. Not to be mention, the winner will be set for life!

Don’t worry about an acceptance speech or who to thank or how you will be dressed or coiffed.  Neither the Prize Patrol or the video cameras care what happens; we just want TV viewers to see that the winners are totally unprepared and the win big moments are absolutely unrehearsed – because that’s the way they are and always have been.  You can see loads of them at pchtv.com.

So enter the Sweepstakes! Our rules allow you to enter every day – thereby giving you more chances to win big.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Have you participated in PCH’s very own movie awards? Check out the Fan Film Festival on the PCH Fan Page where movies AND PCH fans win! Vote daily for your favorite movie then enter for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000.00 plus a FREE 6 months Netflix subscription. So c’mon vote and enter today!

127 thoughts on “Who Will Win Big On February 26th – and February 29th?”

  1. Cathy Sorrell says:

    I would like to know why I did not win. I was told that someone in my area would win with my initials. Someone in Iowa won & I live in Ala. They just lied to me. I entered everytime & bought a lot of just plain junk. Very disappointed in them. They just use a lot of people.

  2. Christina shepherd says:

    I’m so Ready I’ve been waiting forever to be able to make my kids dreams come true:)see y’all soon I Accept my owner papers sign is on mail box to show where I am

  3. Toni Oconnor says:

    What were the wining numbers

  4. STEVEN GABLE says:

    I HAVE 27 1/2 MILLION

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  6. Mallon says:

    I always enter everyday, did I win the February 2016 Sweepstake?

  7. Lagerald Dunham says:

    i was enter into the Febuary 26 2016 sweepstakes did i win

  8. Kim says:

    I usually get up to 10 emails a day from pch to enter to win. Whether it’s games, slots or search ones. For the past week I haven’t gotten any at all. Please let me know why.

  9. Claudia ortiz says:

    So who win on the month of February

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