Tomorrow Isn’t a Typical Day – It’s PCH SuperPrize Day!

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! What’s going on with everyone? I hope you’re enjoying the end of your February. I know I’m ready for March – spring is on its way (not that we had much of a winter here…) and I have lots of fun things planned with friends and family.

Let’s see… is there anything going on with Publishers Clearing House lately? Well, as you know, there are instant prizes being awarded every day on PCHSearch&Win. On Thursday, there’s a PCHlotto Live Event at 3 PM EST.

What’s that? What’s tomorrow? Leap Day, right? Only happens once every four years – how exciting!

Wait… am I forgetting something? Oh… right!


The Prize Patrol will be on the road, cruising around the country, racing to surprise the newest PCH millionaire with a Big Check! Where are Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, and Danielle Lam heading? Which state, which city, which house?

PCH SuperPrize Winner

If you want in on the exciting PCH Prize Patrol action, we’ve got you covered! Tomorrow, be sure to check out the PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s Fan Page for exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, hints, and tidbits. Unlike previous SuperPrize events, the Prize Patrol videos will now be located in one central spot – the Winning Moments tab on the PCH Fan Page. Make sure to check back multiple times – the tab will be updated with more videos as the day goes on! On Danielle Lam’s page, she will provide special hints and clues. Put it all together and maybe you’ll be able to figure exactly where the Prize Patrol is heading.

Once the winner is surprised, the PCH Fan Page will proudly announce the winner’s name and post the winning moment video of the new millionaire. And, as always, the same video will be posted on for your viewing pleasure even after tomorrow.

How are you planning to spend your day tomorrow? Whatever your plan is – cooking a meal for the Prize Patrol, looking out your windows every five minutes, dressing your best in case you open your door to find a camera in your face – don’t forget to check out the PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s page.

Is your name on the Big Check?

Laura At PCH

185 thoughts on “Tomorrow Isn’t a Typical Day – It’s PCH SuperPrize Day!”

  1. Hope some of your WINNER’s are on Social Security or Lowincome!

  2. Colonel says:

    Woot, I will cenriatly put this to good use!

  3. Judy Koehl says:

    I have to work tomorrow but My husband is home I will be waiting for pch to show up at my house

  4. Angel Reinholdr says:

    Yea I love the post but I have been so fateful and in direr need for the money. I’m helping my sister in Harrison Ark because her husband died 5 yrs ago in a car wreck. Now I’m not home in Louisiana until Friday 25 th.
    I have lost my mother in 2000 at 61 yrs old to a blood clot. I promised her I would take care of my father during little to my knowledge was our last . Then my only brother ( the only son) died in 2004.

    Left my job in 2006 during my lunch break to go get my sister Cindy, she was in Slidell and I was in Lafayette, LA at that time.She had a kidney taken out a week prior knowing that would was going to be hard for me . Cindy who lost everything in Katrina. Two months later diagnosed with cancer. She died 6 months after that Then my father needed someone to help him after his triple bypass. And ( mom) his wife of 50 yrs. I’m the youngest of six ( 5 girls one boy) I have an 18 yr old daughter at ULL with a 3.2 GPA and a 14 yr old on principles list that I’ve raised by myself for 10 years due to a divorce ( was married for 19) They are both from the same man. I remain single and focused on my girls but I will admit I have a big hole in my heart missing him ( my dad) and his guidance. I’m the baby of 6 but seems all responsibility comes down on me. My children and I have made it , we have done without a lot but ” family first” is my motto. They say you do good and good comes back but I have yet to ever witness that. Always said if I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any. Now I find out while I’m helping my sister over in Arkansas deal with her kids and her loss of her husband of 20 years married. PCH is going possible where I live to after watching my father die once he was released from the hospital.
    I lost my best friend march 7 2012 and been lost ever since. He retired from UNO and really thought I would get his retirement pay, but once again no way be cause he had a once in a life time beneficiary and that was my mom. Well she’s gone so even though my father paid that money every pay check and changed it after my mothers death. They never sent him any thing stating that he chose to take the least amount, thinking to leave more for me But he only had a once in a life time beneficiary and it was her. I was so broken hearted knowing he took the least amount and thought I would be set for life. I’m just glad he doesn’t know this because he would have been devastated.
    Now I find out here I am helping family again and PCH is on the Road. I have played all this time for nothing.
    Well I hope who ever wins really needs it and enjoys what life they have.

  5. Jessica Guillen Morales says:

    don’t be surprised if they announce me the next big winner PCHNo.Gwy On April 30th 2014…I can’t wait for you to so for me soon thank you and God bless you have a beautiful Sunday to all you guys you found me 15 and your love ones and everyone else that’s playing and everyone else in this world thank you sincerely jessica

  6. Jessica Guillen Morales says:

    PCH theme I’ll be your next winner on April 30th 2014 yes or no to me the winner because I deserve it they waited for almost 20 something years for this dream to come true and a half are you guys in arms and making it

  7. ioneellis says:

    Good morning Publishers Clearing House I’m writing this just for u Because I’m still dreaming the night through I keep seeing Dave Danielle n Todd This is true I’m still waiting to see you and I’m praying very hard that you will come through and make my dreams come true I see beautiful doves flying through the air they landed in front of me carrying a big chick Dave and Danielle bent down totake check in hand then Danielle said this is for you IONE You Are our Super Prize winner Then Danielle hand me some roses all different colors long stem with the roots still on them She told me I can plant them in front of my home And this way I will never be alone Because when the Sun comes out it will warm the roots And she shell grow And when the winter time she still go to sleep And I named the roses Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes I will always give her life Then Todd handed me some balloons all different colors too so all I can say is thank all of you at Publishers Clearing House true I will do right by this money this is true oh boy come a dream come on thru so I could see the real reality of you smile Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes god bless all of you save a ride.

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