Tomorrow Isn’t a Typical Day – It’s PCH SuperPrize Day!

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! What’s going on with everyone? I hope you’re enjoying the end of your February. I know I’m ready for March – spring is on its way (not that we had much of a winter here…) and I have lots of fun things planned with friends and family.

Let’s see… is there anything going on with Publishers Clearing House lately? Well, as you know, there are instant prizes being awarded every day on PCHSearch&Win. On Thursday, there’s a PCHlotto Live Event at 3 PM EST.

What’s that? What’s tomorrow? Leap Day, right? Only happens once every four years – how exciting!

Wait… am I forgetting something? Oh… right!


The Prize Patrol will be on the road, cruising around the country, racing to surprise the newest PCH millionaire with a Big Check! Where are Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane, and Danielle Lam heading? Which state, which city, which house?

PCH SuperPrize Winner

If you want in on the exciting PCH Prize Patrol action, we’ve got you covered! Tomorrow, be sure to check out the PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s Fan Page for exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, hints, and tidbits. Unlike previous SuperPrize events, the Prize Patrol videos will now be located in one central spot – the Winning Moments tab on the PCH Fan Page. Make sure to check back multiple times – the tab will be updated with more videos as the day goes on! On Danielle Lam’s page, she will provide special hints and clues. Put it all together and maybe you’ll be able to figure exactly where the Prize Patrol is heading.

Once the winner is surprised, the PCH Fan Page will proudly announce the winner’s name and post the winning moment video of the new millionaire. And, as always, the same video will be posted on for your viewing pleasure even after tomorrow.

How are you planning to spend your day tomorrow? Whatever your plan is – cooking a meal for the Prize Patrol, looking out your windows every five minutes, dressing your best in case you open your door to find a camera in your face – don’t forget to check out the PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s page.

Is your name on the Big Check?

Laura At PCH

196 thoughts on “Tomorrow Isn’t a Typical Day – It’s PCH SuperPrize Day!”

  1. Christa L. says:

    Big hello to PCH and people in the world tomorrow who will get win hope ME !!! Christa have a good day !!

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    Thak you very much . My Name is on the Big check

  3. Nicole Beach says:

    I hope me and my family win,I want to give back all they have done for me and my husband son,and daughter,plus lost it all house, car,jobs to car gone! I hope to win! For us all!

  4. longo says:

    Good Luck Everyone and God Bless!!!

  5. Carla M Antee says:

    I would love to be next

  6. thanks to you guys keeps my mind busy with the hopes of possibly winning what not but you can always hope

  7. Tomorrow is September 1st come to my house

  8. Misty Ryan says:

    I hope & pray I’m next tomorrow for the next prize. The $10,000 August 29th prize. Every time I don’t win, I get so let down and so bummed, but.I also realize it’ God’s hands and he truly has blessed many people as well as allowing PCH to bless these people all around the world. It truly is such an amazing thing and miracle. PCH would make me the happiest woman in the world to hear you knock tomorrow on my door. I need a true miracle to save my home.God bless everyone! :-)

  9. I’ve been praying along time for this my family is in need

  10. Margaret Love says:

    I need to win some money big time, I’m permanently disabled and all the jobs I’ve tried to do at home haven’t gotten no pay from them haven’t been able to pay my mortgage for 2 mo they have been taking it out of my escrow and I need to put it back before the end of the yr. Before my insurance is due. And I don’t have the money and I only get $600. A month. I really need this. I don’t want to loose my house I helped build it I have a Habitat for Humanity house. I have over 700 sweat equity hrs in it. And I can’t take a loan out I can’t pay it back. My house is on a interest free loan. So I hope to be a winner soon.

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