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  1. I hope it is me Patricia Manning. I have been Playing a long time to win this, also mother had been playing along time Lorene Houey, but she is dead now but never won any thing, so I hope to won something before I die. I pray that I win.

  2. I have prayed and prayed that theywould find my manfactored home and I could be a person so lucky, I would be the Happiest person al this planet. I HAVE TO WORRY EVERY MONTH TO MAKE ENDS MEET, WOULD BE NICE JUST IN THESE LAST YEAS NOT TO HAVE TO WORRY, I AM84 YRS OLD AND I AM A PEOPLE PERSON, I LOVE PEOPLE.AND HAVE WORKED HARD ALL MY YEARS AND NOW ON ss, AND THAT ISNT ENOUGH TO PAY BILLS AND GET CAUGHT UP.

  3. Me me me me I would love to be next pretty please it was my birthday April 15th that would be the best present in the world not only the best present you’ll be getting the best friends that’s worth more than money any day I have to say Central St Natick the biggest fan butt I have to disagree with them applied again so much I forget to sleep I am I’m going to miss something what happened Danielle the snake bite me not catch her that should be out that keeping my fingers crossed in the driveway how can one day happy next to good morning hope

  4. I get my hopes up ! I know who ever wins,! Cognitions $$$$$ !!! I will be all choked up tears running down my face ,& saying that’s So Awesome ! I will Really be so happy for them.. & Sending my very Best wishes 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep trying to be next Big winner next time ! LOL 🙂 We all I have things in our lifts that we don’t know how to make things work or have anoft to move at end of April , Wining would Be Big Blessing Right NOW !!! Latey thing are not going too well & I say I need some luck , I would be happy with $5000.00 Whatever will be !! Thank you all at PCH For make lifts better <3 Love ya 🙂

  5. I have been trying to win for years. Started out with the mail, now on the internet. I know everything happens for a reason, but for just once in my life I would like to win something, anything. I have three kids 6, 7, & 9, and they are convinced that we are cursed with bad luck. I am trying to get my disability, so we are struggling to make ends meet. Its hard to explain stuff like that to children. Every time one of them have a birthday, they wish for money. This hurts! They should have bigger dreams!!