Natalie and her Big Check!

Mrs. Natalie Bostelman and her $1 Million SuperPrize!

20 thoughts on “Natalie and her Big Check!”

  1. Carla Cotton says:

    That the rewards I wish for I could just see myself with a big Check.

  2. Daryl says:

    I wished I would win then I can pay off my really
    high det that would make me very happy.

  3. Philip Payne says:

    I hope PCH knocks on my door,But they would have to take me to ER,Just to see if i was alive!

  4. Philip Payne says:

    It would be great to see PCH Knocking on my door,I mite fall over.They would have to take me the ER.

  5. shawn bell says:

    You wishes come true

  6. Deborah Long says:

    I hope to win so I can fix my 80 year old moms house. Deborah Long

  7. Lynn Galloway says:

    I would like to win to pay all my debts off and buy a car and house then help my family out then the people that really need help I would donate some money

  8. karen mckane says:

    PCH I Need to win soo very badly hubby lost job gonna loose house got kids of all ages and no $ for x-mas! Blessed be winner please be me! GLE

  9. Lesia Lindsay says:

    It would truly be a nice to be a winner due to the fact im doing nothing but entering pch morning noon and night
    . OMG…….

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