Jason Clark and the Prize Patrol

Jason Clark of Pocahontas, Arkansas wins $1 Million Dollars!

60 thoughts on “Jason Clark and the Prize Patrol”

  1. Say yes to One Million Gwy No 308O

  2. Next to receive the Superprize Gwy No 308O One Million Plus 5000 Gwy No 1830

  3. Lol welcome to hell no bring the Checks Today Dave Sayer Mkz Car Bring The Ten Million Superprize Gwy No 308O and don’t say No say yes yes yes to One Million Plus 5000 Gwy No 1840 plus additional One Million Plus 5000 Gwy No 1688 NBC Event Winner Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA

  4. jason says:

    Do people when at the card games PR scratch y games or the games were you pick your numbers or quick pick I’ve played them hundreds of times nothing is there a site were you can see the winners or not how about when you search can you win money sesearchin I try and try norlthin is this real ????? I just don’t want to get my hopes up and nothing my life stprrstprry

  5. glocheever20041512009@a0l.com says:

    Mr clark you are a superman of 2015. now in April I see me be the super winner woman in 2015, Please MR. JC pray thy pray for me .Thank You….

  6. barbarahelton says:

    willi hopping it me

  7. barbarahelton says:

    that gone to be me right

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