A Rose Bouquet “How Sweet It Is” – Like Winning at PCH


I realized many of our PCH Blog readers might like to hear how our rose bouquet tradition got started when I saw some of your comments in response to Amanda’s February 17th PCH Blog post.  (Yes, I do read them!)


When we first started delivering Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes prizes directly to winners’ doors in 1988, we routinely brought along flowers and balloons to add colorful accents to the videotaped winning moments.  Minutes before the actual presentations we’d stop at a local florist and pick up whatever flowers were on hand, generally a mixed bouquet of carnations, daisies, or wild flowers.  “Wrap ‘em up!” we’d say, then speed away in the Prize Patrol van to make a surprise award.  Of course our PCH winner was flabbergasted by our visit, especially The Big Check.  The flowers were gratefully received with a courteous “Aren’t they nice?”


One day a local florist didn’t have any ordinary flowers to give us.  “All we have today is red long-stemmed American Beauty roses,” she said.  “But I’ll give you a special price on a rose bouquet since I won’t have anything else ‘til later today.”


“You’ve got a deal,” we said.  Gina, one of our Prize Patrol’ers, took the bouquet and marched from the store looking as happy as Miss America.  And off we drove to surprise a lucky PCH winner nearby.

Winner Linda Franklin was thrilled with her big cash prize; but it was the bouquet of roses that produced tears and sound-bites that made her winning moment a real stand-out.


“Oh aren’t they beautiful!!” she exclaimed.  “I’ve never gotten a rose bouquet in my entire life!  Oh, I’m going to cry,” which she promptly did.


The next day, another bouquet of roses elicited more tears from a middle-aged woman winner.  “I haven’t gotten roses since I was 16!”


Often the roses steal the show.  Click on this link to the Prize Patrol’s journey to Veronica Trombino’s winning moment (last March) and you’ll hear the lucky winner say “The roses would have been enough!”   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM072lHgtHM


Some of you have commented that – as nice as the red roses are – you’d rather have star lilies or sunflowers or pink roses.  The fact is — whatever flowers we bring, they will eventually fade away.  But the thrill of winning AND the prize money represented by The Big Check will last a lot longer – perhaps a lifetime.

So enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today — and every day — by going to pch.com.  You could be the next winner (like Beth Hillis shown above) to open the door — and “smell the roses.”


Good luck!

Dave Sayer PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

38 thoughts on “A Rose Bouquet “How Sweet It Is” – Like Winning at PCH”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Roses are special

  2. Carla M Antee says:

    I Love Love To win

    1. Carla M Antee says:

      February 5, 2015

  3. Lottie Sampson. says:

    How sweet i love red roses i hope. Prize parlor bring. Some to my house for. Me

  4. I want to win 7.000 .00 every a week for the life my favorite flowers roses red purple and white and ballon what ever color of ballon ok thank very much the god bless them
    Smile from evette naftaly

  5. Cindy Swope says:

    You asked me about what color roses Yellow roses . Love love love them . They smell beautiful and wonderful so fragrant . Makes you feel so special !!! I would be so over whelmed ! So blessed to receive the check and give you all Hugs . See you soon

  6. linda leamy says:

    pch#1830 or pch#3080 winner 5/k a wk forever aug 29th linda120lee DAVE DID I WIN??? IM WAITING

  7. chris seeley says:

    i would like to see a list that has each of the prize numbers and the date that the winner for each of those are going to be announced. and of course i’m like everyone else out there that would like to win. and i just have to say to all those that are always posting thing’s like how unfair pch does thing’s rather in how a letter makes it sound like they are going to be the next big winner. if you really think about it. pch is not doing anything any different then any other business out there does. it’s called marketing. it is ment to get your attention and get you thinking that you can win. so you do start replying and even buying. but everything i have ever got from pch has been clearly stated on it that buying does not help you win nor does not buying anything keep you from winning either. of course it’s in the fine print or at the end. you might not get excited about it if you were to read your odds or what have you first. most people would not keep reading to see if it had better thing’s to come. and how many of you people complaining about this take the time to really think. if pch was not around at all to give people a free chance to win free money or prizes. at least you are given a chance at all! would you post thing’s saying this life is not fair why is there not company’s out there that should give people a chance to win free money and prizes? I swear some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope. (and before someone says something about what i said about the rope. let me explain. i’m a small town country girl. and where i’m from that is nothing more than a saying. that is saying that there are just some people that will complain no matter what. or complain about something that other people would see as a good thing. some people just think that know matter they are getting the bad end of the deal in everything.) so as i was saying. some people post about it not being fair or set up some how. that the winner’s are always from certain other area’s. or the winner’s are always people that don’t need the money cause they have plenty of their own before hand. and it must be a set up. and pch should play it fair. and they should pay more attention to who they award they money to. and it should be people that have to work their self’s to death just to be able to survive. listen to what your saying. now if that was the case tell me how many people would believe then that pch was doing it fair? or that it was not fixed or set up? that to me clearly shows that pch does not award any other way then what number is drawn. they do not care where you live, the color of your skin, how much you have in the bank, how hard you have to work, what you will spend it on, how much you ask them to please make you the winner, or try and tell them your story of why you should be picked. i know some give away’s you can put in many entries. rather it be one a day or what have you. and i have met people that had lot’s of money a time or two in my life. and the one’s i have had seemed that if they wanted something bad enough they gave it all they could to go after it. not everybody that has money was born in to it. some worked dang hard to get it. and i would guess with that along with the grace of god they were rewarded. so if you want to win then put your mind to that and enter every chance you can respond back as much as you can. or what is allowed. and you will have just as good of chance at winning as the next. believe me i need to win badly myself! i’m a divorced single mom that is no longer able to work due to becoming disabled only in my 30’s. and trying to survive on just my social security is dang hard! and in way’s i have won the lottery already cause i survived having cancer, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, and other thing’s that most people are not so lucky. but now it’s hard to enjoy the life i was blessed to still have. when i don’t know how or where the money is going to come from to pay my bill’s even for thing’s like keeping a roof over mine and my kid’s head’s. or pay the utilities from one month to the next. and now given you a little of my story you see why i had to say something after reading all the complaining about people not being the winner’s of pch’s free chance’s to win money and prizes. and even though almost everybody would rather see someone that really needs the money to win over someone that is not in need of it. sometimes the most needing person is not always the most deserving in some cases. i believe god has more control over who win’s then pch does. so if you still want to complain about something that is free and does not even have to be offered to anybody. then maybe you should take up your complaints with him. and next time you want to get down on pch for making you get your hopes up making it sound like the nearly impossibable has happened to you. think of all the other business out there that do the same thing for the same reason. rather it’s to sell you the miricle diet, or get rich quick way, or even just get you to want to buy that new hamburger on their menue. company’s use word’s to get people to want what they are offering. and in the end we have full control over ourselves and what we do or do not do. we can’t blame the company just because we bought in to their marketing and maybe we were not as happy with it as we thought we would be when we were reading their word’s before we made are decision’s. just a thought sometimes it helps if we think about what we do have in our lives and not so much on what we don’t have. sorry pch i had to say so much cause of reading all the negative thing’s people write. and i’m sure there are time’s you guy’s want to reply with some of the blunt thing’s i said but you guy’s are to nice. and you also are a business and don’t want to loose your supportive people. i get that. and i thank you for allowing me to say it all and letting me vent a bit about it. keep up the good work in bringing joy to all those out there winners and hopefull winners. and for me there are time’s when the hopes of me winning big with pch can be the one thing that keep’s me from throwing in the towel on life.

  8. Bobbi L. says:

    WEll I have to agree on the Orange thing , But, since I’ve never been given any flowers that I ever remember …. I would be happy with any and I love ballons

  9. Ben Long says:

    Dave I think roses are the way to go. When I met my Wife. I had no washing machine or dryer. She volenterd to wash my cloths. so I showed up at her door with a laundry basket. On top was a dozen long stem roses. Yes she broke down and cried also

  10. Jon Mertz says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to
    win & sharing the story of the founder, Harold Mertz.

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