Facebook Scams: Friend or Faux?

Facebook can be a wonderful place for folks like you and me to connect with friends, family and certain businesses we enjoy interacting with.  However,  like most great inventions and tools, it can be misused by people in a fraudulent attempt to deceive.  At  Publishers Clearing House,  officials have noticed a couple of “fake’ Facebook Fan Pages fraudulently created for the sole purpose of misleading PCH Fans

This is how the scam often works:

A scammer creates a “fake” PCH Fan Page in the hopes that people will “like” it.  When that occurs, the scammer will then contact the PCH Fan and ‘falsely” inform them that they have won a PCH sweepstakes prize, with one very deceitful twist – - the consumer will be asked to send or wire money, or some type of financial payment  in order to collect the “bogus” prize.

Here is some important information to help keep you protected….

1. You NEVER have to pay money to enter or receive a prize from Publishers Clearing House. It’s just that simple. If anyone says they are from Publishers Clearing House and they are asking for any type of payment so that you can receive a prize, you have not heard from the real PCH!

2. Publishers Clearing House will NEVER contact a prize winner via Facebook. If you are ever lucky enough to win a prize of $10,000.00 or more, the Prize Patrol will knock on your door and surprise you with a “Big Check.”  Should you win a prize valued under $10,000, Publishers Clearing House will notify you via certified mail that you are a winner.   And, you will NEVER be asked to make any type of payment for that prize award!  That’s the law!

How to Tell If A PCH Fan Page Is Legitimate!

The only legitimate PCH Fan Pages are the pages that are “LIKED” by Publishers Clearing House. Here’s a listing of official PCH Fan Pages that you can visit with complete confidence:

 Not Sure If A Fan Page Is For Real?

If you are ever unsure whether or not a Publishers Clearing House Fan Page is legitimate, just post a note on the wall of one of these pages and we’ll get right back to you:

  • Victoria Zimmerman At PCH
  • Laura Wolfe At PCH
  • Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol

Remember: Being A PCH Facebook Fan Can Be Very Rewarding!

When you are a fan of any authorized  PCH Fan Pages you get to connect with other fans in addition to staying on top of the latest PCH happenings. When you “LIKE” us you’ll get insider “WINNING MOMENT” information and special contest opportunities.  Just make sure you don’t “FAUX-GET” these important tips – - and make certain you are dealing with the real PCH Fan Pages!  


Elliott M.

PCH Creative

50 thoughts on “Facebook Scams: Friend or Faux?”

  1. I know about this .. I have learn and realize thanks for warning!!!

  2. Barbara says:


  3. Adrian Senneff says:


  4. sarah latham says:

    Dave Sayer has a scammer facebook…
    i was sent a friend request and researched before accepting and found that it was indeed not his real one… The name was Dave Sayer PCH Prizepatrol, i noticed many differences in the pages and many other things. Hopefully this page can be taken down.

  5. Ashlie says:

    Thank you! I received a notice for winnings of three million and I noticed it was a different name (not pch) and they were asking for a payment (and not only was that odd, but one option was sending “cash”). Really? Lol. Thank goodness for internet, I was able to google the address and find a lot of comments and warning. Sad some people actually send paynents to these muther effers! Such a shame there are so many scammers makibg a living by this kibd of stuff.

  6. Great! Came to know about PCH Fan Page. Thanks for clarifying my worries. Now I will be able to avoid scammers.

  7. Aneta rak says:

    I received thru Facebook a message from Dave Sayer PCH Prizepatrol. Stating I have won. Stating they will be here at 12. Is this something I should be weary about or is it legitimate?

  8. mike mayns says:

    how you doing Dave I just got a friend request from somebody using your name again kinda told him a few things but not very nice things I’m tired of these people can we do something about it , is there know technologykeep these low lifes off the internet

  9. Lucretia Cohen says:

    I’ve just got a friend request and a message from someone claiming they’re Todd Sloane from PCH saying I’ve been approved for a lump sum of one Million dollars that would be delivered to me on Monday, but due to Government service tax and insurance associated to sweepstakes prizes a wired transaction (Western union/Money gram) or a green dot money pak reloaded card of $555.46 must be made toward the Government IRS agent assigned to your package to cover these fees so that a government golden stamp can be sealed toward your package to show that all taxes have been covered. I’m guessing that this is a scam, right?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Yes, Lucretia – that is indeed a scam! Official PCH pages do not send or accept friend requests. The offer you’re describing did not come from Publishers Clearing House. Also, there is never a catch with entering or winning any PCH Sweepstakes. PCH, like any legitimate Sweepstakes, will never ask you to pay any fee or make a purchase to claim a prize. You may forward the suspicious email to us at abuse@pch.com or report this occurrence to us using our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. We also recommend that you report this incident to the National Fraud Center at http://www.fraud.org.

  10. Watch out for a Danielle Lam imposter on Facebook, who is actually using the real Danielle Lam’s Facebook page. She’ll befriend you and then tell you that you’ve won $1,000,000.00. Then she proceeds to tell you how to retrieve the money. She told me I had to go to either Walmart or Walgreen’s and buy a card for $389. 64, then tell her the number on the card, bring the card back to the store and receive a refund of 3x the original amount. Then after you do that, you’ll get your million dollars. Well I caught her in her scheme, after 2hrs of going back and forth trying to get proof of who she was. I didn’t go for it and when I told her that I would contact PCH and ask why they would do this, she quit. Watch out because PCH will never ask for money, when you win, it’s free and clear.

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