Facebook Scams: Friend or Faux?

Facebook can be a wonderful place for folks like you and me to connect with friends, family and certain businesses we enjoy interacting with.  However,  like most great inventions and tools, it can be misused by people in a fraudulent attempt to deceive.  At  Publishers Clearing House,  officials have noticed a couple of “fake’ Facebook Fan Pages fraudulently created for the sole purpose of misleading PCH Fans

This is how the scam often works:

A scammer creates a “fake” PCH Fan Page in the hopes that people will “like” it.  When that occurs, the scammer will then contact the PCH Fan and ‘falsely” inform them that they have won a PCH sweepstakes prize, with one very deceitful twist – – the consumer will be asked to send or wire money, or some type of financial payment  in order to collect the “bogus” prize.

Here is some important information to help keep you protected….

1. You NEVER have to pay money to enter or receive a prize from Publishers Clearing House. It’s just that simple. If anyone says they are from Publishers Clearing House and they are asking for any type of payment so that you can receive a prize, you have not heard from the real PCH!

2. Publishers Clearing House will NEVER contact a prize winner via Facebook. If you are ever lucky enough to win a prize of $10,000.00 or more, the Prize Patrol will knock on your door and surprise you with a “Big Check.”  Should you win a prize valued under $10,000, Publishers Clearing House will notify you via certified mail that you are a winner.   And, you will NEVER be asked to make any type of payment for that prize award!  That’s the law!

How to Tell If A PCH Fan Page Is Legitimate!

The only legitimate PCH Fan Pages are the pages that are “LIKED” by Publishers Clearing House. Here’s a listing of official PCH Fan Pages that you can visit with complete confidence:

Remember: Being A PCH Facebook Fan Can Be Very Rewarding!

When you are a fan of any authorized  PCH Fan Pages you get to connect with other fans in addition to staying on top of the latest PCH happenings. When you “LIKE” us you’ll get insider “WINNING MOMENT” information and special contest opportunities.  Just make sure you don’t “FAUX-GET” these important tips – – and make certain you are dealing with the real PCH Fan Pages!  


Elliott M.

PCH Creative

53 thoughts on “Facebook Scams: Friend or Faux?”

  1. Cassandra says:

    I recently received a scam from facebook they were asking for money through western union good thing I didn’t send any money…I will believe I won when they knock on my door and I didn’t know about it

  2. David says:

    I’ve received this message on facebook today from a guy ToddSloanePch. “Please note we will need a claiming card to have everything start out Okay”. “Okay the name of the card is (Green dot money pak scratch card) an when you purchase this card for the exact $499.99 dollars you are going to come home back then I will tell you what to do Okay”

  3. Carla M Antee says:

    I have a public facebook for friends and family

  4. Hi, unfortunately I read about you too late. I got scammed. How can there be people like that. They don’t care that we work hard for our money, and they get our hopes up. I really thought it was real since I have lots of debts I believe him, supposely his name was Todd. Now I regret doing this and I wish I never fell for this scam. I lost my whole weeks pay and I stiil have bills to pay, now I’m going to be more behind on my bills, just for believing in these scammers. I wish I would of read about you earlier. But thanks for the information. I’m always playing pch hoping someday I will really win something. Thank you again sincerely your, Monica H.

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