Customer Appreciation Prize Turns Winter to a Wonderland


PCH Customer Appreciation prize award makes Chicago suburbanite feel like she’s in a Winter Wonderland!

While spring is in the air already in some parts of the country, the chill of winter still lingers in other areas.  That reminds me of a frosty day in January when the Midwest got a real taste of winter with the arrival of a giant snow storm – fueled by Canadian winds and chills.  Motorists in Chicago grumbled over the treacherous driving conditions as snow covered the roadways.  Shop owners decided to close early – except those merchants who sold snow shovels and salt.

But for Cheryl Runnels, who resides in a Chicago suburb close to the Wisconsin border, it was a Winter Wonderland.  Why?  Because the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, accustomed to the harshest of foul weather challenges, arrived at her door  with roses, balloons and a Big Check: for $100,000.00 as the winner of a PCH Customer Appreciation Prize!  Now that would warm up even an igloo in the North Pole!

Cheryl could not have been more surprised; and yet she had a feeling she’d win some day.  Over the years she kept responding to PCH mailings, sometimes ordering a magazine or a product, sometimes just entering the sweepstakes.  She knew that there was no purchase necessary to enter and win; but when she found an offering that really appealed to her she decided to order as well.

Cheryl is one smart cookie.  She belongs to a large group of PCH customers who were offered an exclusive contest opportunity to win a $100,000.00 Customer Appreciation prize.  She grabbed that opportunity, entered and WON!

With such an enormous, ready-to-cash check in hand, Cheryl could have gone on a big shopping spree that night; but the weather made that unwise.  Besides, she knew that such a huge cash windfall needed to be handled with care and that shopping could wait until she got some expert financial advice.

We congratulate Cheryl on her good fortune in winning a prize, express our appreciation for being a PCH customer, and wish her well.

How would you like to follow in Cheryl’s footsteps?   I bet you would!  So I urge you to click on this link to where you can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today — and every day for more chances to win.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the unbeatable magazine subscription deals and fine merchandise offers at – where customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Wishing all of you the very best.

Dave Sayer PCH Prize Patrol AmbassadorDave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

37 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Prize Turns Winter to a Wonderland”

  1. Bernice Aniteye says:

    I would absolutely love to win Giveaway No.3848 for me and my family members! I would also be so very thankful and blessed to win any of PCH giveaways! Love you all, team!….Bernice A.

  2. i want to win like her

  3. I WANT TO WIN THE CUSTOMER APPRECIATION $100,000 prize from my gwy.3848 email I received today.

  4. John Limon says:

    Wow your lucky i wish it could of been me that would have that big chance…….

  5. Gladys Parks says:

    Would be nice to win so I can contribute something to boost children’s everywhere. Gladys

  6. John Limon says:

    That great for you, you was bless miss


    Yey i found it. I would love to win something lol hint hint…. :-)

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