Meet some Publishers Clearing House Fan Page Winners!

If you frequently visit the PCH Fan Page, then you know that we love to announce winners.  We announce at least one winner a month but there are way more than that! Here at PCH, we know that loyal blog readers love to hear from winners as much as we like to announce them, so we surveyed some of our Fan Page sweepstakes winners. Here’s what they had to say about winning and PCH. Perhaps their words will inspire you to keep entering and not give up hope!

We asked Fan Page winners how winning has affected the way they view Publishers Clearing House.  The most recent monthly PCH sweeps winner, Jaspreet S., won $2,000.00 because he doubled his prize as a PCHsuperfan, and one of the most recent PCH Photo Caption Contest winners, Tania L., said that although they believed in PCH, winning has helped convince their friends and family that PCH really awards prizes.  Hector J., winner of the $500.00 PCHSearch&Win exclusive monthly sweeps said, “It makes playing all of the games more fun!”  Tania L. also told us that she would use her $50.00 prize to get her daughter “that pair of jeans that she wants for her birthday.” If you won, what would you spend your prize money on?

The last question we asked these winners was whether they had anything to share with other PCH Fans.  Deborah L., Fan Film Festival winner of a free 6-month Netflix subscription wants to tell all of you not to give up.  She says, “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT PCH HAS IN STORE FOR YOU!!!! YOU COULD BE THE NEXT PCH WINNER!! BE PERSISTENT.” Jaspreet encourages everyone to enter and “would like to wish everyone best of luck for future contests.”  Tania also said to take time to fill out the entry because one day you may see the Prize Patrol at your door.  She advises fans to “keep your dreams firmly in your heart.”

All these winners won simply by submitting entries into the giveaways on Publishers Clearing House Fan Pages! Entering these giveaways is easy!  Currently, you can enter the Win $5k Every Week for Life, PCH monthly fan sweeps, the PCH Photo Caption Contest, and you can spin the Lucky Loot Wheel daily for a chance to win $250.00! Try your luck and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in an upcoming winner announcement, as well!


Victoria @ PCH

22 thoughts on “Meet some Publishers Clearing House Fan Page Winners!”

  1. PCH you said I won I am elated words can never tell now I feel right now PCH your wonderful and I LOVE PCH. You have stuck by me all the way when you could have tossed me aside but you could see how much I really car about PCH. Than you and those words are not enough how do I tell you just how wonderful I feel about you and what You have done for me. WINNER WINNER WINNER THANK YOU PCH YOU MADE ME A WINNER. HOW WONDERFUL WOW PCH I FEEL GO GREAT AND I WANT TO HUG EVERYONE’S NECK THAT WORKS FOR PCH AND SAY THANK YOU .to Dave good Danielle Debbie thank you and thanks to everyone at PCH

  2. PCH If when I win depending on how much I win. One thing I need and want is a new House my house is on a slab and the cement is killing my feet and back. I have had two surgeries on my spine and my feet 4 surgeries and the cement kills me I need has wood floors on a basement or a craw space that is the one thing I truly need.
    Brenda Carlton

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