A “Knock Knock” that’s No Joke

Ever since we were kids we’ve all heard Knock Knock jokes.  Over the years I’ve no doubt heard a hundred or more.  But an online check indicates there are thousands of them: “K-K” jokes for kids (including infantile ones), “K-K” jokes that are pitifully corny, “K-K” jokes that are adult and sophisticated, and “K-K” jokes that are risqué.  I’m sure you know a few, so you don’t need to hear any examples from me.

But there is one “Knock Knock” that is no joke.  Yes sir: the “K-K” I’m talking about won’t produce groans (from corniness), a giggle (from cleverness) or a “Phew” (from naughtiness).   It’s the “Knock-Knock” that immediately precedes a Publishers Clearing House winning moment.  When the door is opened and a brand new PCH Sweepstakes winner sees the Prize Patrol standing there — with roses, balloons and a Big Check — there will be screams, weak knees, tears or maybe just a stunned silence.  This is no April Fools Day joke.  It’s the real thing – recorded time and again on videotape for all of America to see on TV.

I’m always amazed that many people I meet don’t believe that “real people” really win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  I assure them that the PCH winners seen on TV are absolutely real, that they are not actors, that they are not notified in advance, and that the prize deliveries are neither staged nor rehearsed.  What you see in our TV commercials are the actual winning moments – no exceptions!

“What if the winner isn’t home?” some people ask.  It’s true that winners can be off doing chores (shopping or at the doctor’s) or on vacation or at work; but we find them – without ruining the surprise of the winning moment.  That’s why you will sometimes see the Prize Patrol shocking a winner on the job – as co-workers look on in amazement and then break into applause.

So don’t think that every “Knock Knock” you hear is a joke.  Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today and every day — at pch.com – and if you win, you will have the last laugh because your skeptical friends will see that you are no fool!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Dave Sayer PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S.  Keep your eyes open for a new PCH TV campaign starting soon – with another “Win For Life SuperPrize” which could be yours!

94 thoughts on “A “Knock Knock” that’s No Joke”

  1. alvin Browning,Jr says:

    Knock knock the Door and big surprise win big money win and I will say thank God help me .PCH

  2. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch knock knock

  3. Lois McDade says:

    Funny, the first comment I made explaining about how my entries always glitch when I finally reach the all important entry page is still awaiting moderation, while the second comment I made which wasn’t critical of PCH is already posted…hmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Lois McDade says:

    I left a reply, but since it is critical of PCH and it’s endless online glitches, I doubt the public will ever have the opportunity to read it, just as I doubt PCH will ever come and knock on my door. How can they when nine out of ten of my entries glitch on me when I finally reach the entry page? Simple answer- they can’t. Nuff said.

  5. April Azar says:

    Im feeling like this PCH insistance to search is some kind of gimmic. If you have no reason to search, your not elligable. Fishy to me.

  6. Rosann Epner says:

    I would love to hear your knock on my door but I am NOT a rocking chair grandma and I do go out…to the pool, to walk,etc….I’m a very busy older person!…..Oh! but I would love the thrill of winning something and sharing it with the less fortunate. (and my family) Rosann Epner

  7. June nelson says:


    1. knock an knock are you home I would like to win big money but I will believe it when I see it so make me a believer if you can we sill love you PCH

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