47 thoughts on “Knock_Knock”

  1. james says:

    knock knock

  2. treva adair says:

    No one has ever won in pine bluff arkansas I am a gotta see person before I think it real I been a player since 2011 an I have not won anything from pch thats why I say its a jokeadai

  3. amanda collins says:

    knock knock, who’s there ?Amanda …Amanda who? A-man-dat-wanna-give-me-a-big-check:)

  4. June nelson says:

    June Bloom Give me A DREAM OF A Lifetime My Birthday Is In June Please Let All My Wishes And Dreams Finally Come True Thank you PCH I Have Been Waiting For So Long

  5. June nelson says:

    Come Knock On My Door! Bring The Check Of A Dream Come True! Thank you PCH You Have Done A Great Job!See You Real Soon JN

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