102 thoughts on “Knock_Knock”

  1. I’m in it to win it someday I just know it! :-)

  2. Hello to everyone. I’m going to keep entering at and playing till I hear PCH at my door knocking to announce me the next “Superprize” winner. I just know that I’m in it to win it at PCH. GOOD LUCK to everyone who believes that dreams do come true at Publisher’s Clearing House. :)

  3. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    Knock on my door hard I sleep in late!

  4. I hope an pray that I am the lucky one that get to here pch knockvknock on my door to say that me an my family are the next big winners.

  5. Knock Knock Who There ? IT’S PCH I Have Won I Have Won Will Be One Moment I Will Never Ever Forget The Beautiful Moment in my Life I will be Looking For You All Thank you For I want To Win😉

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