47 thoughts on “knock_Knock_doorknocker”

  1. Teresa Johnson says:

    Knock knock who is it ? Pch .Pch who? Publisher clearing house for Teresa Johnson
    your our newest pch winner! Wishful thinking.

  2. Edna vandenberg says:

    Pch please let me be the one ,that gets theknock on the door please ipray

  3. Lupe Garza says:

    knok,knok,knok,who is this pch?no I know that they would never come knoking on my snyder,tx door.its just customers that there R looking for and people that already have alot of money,we that need the money they will never pick us as winners
    from Lupe Garza Snyder,tx 79549

  4. I sure hope the Prize Patrol comes knocking at my door.I would give them a warm welcome. The check would be a dream coming true.

  5. Come on in PCH team. I am really ready for a big check. I really like PCH the games and everything else even the wondering of will I win. Its great!

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