What Would YOU Say in Your Big Check Winning Moment?

Jason Clark of Pocahontas, Arkansas

“Ohhhh whatever!” That’s what a stunned and unbelieving Jason Clark said when he got a $1 Million Dollar Big Check surprise on February 29th. Well it was true — Jason Clark did win, and he joined PCH’s long list of SuperPrize winners with memorable winning moment expressions.

In our 45 years of surprising winners, we’ve heard it all. “Awesome!” “Are you serious?” “Unbelievable!” and “No way!” just to name a few. But I’d say the #1 most popular winning moment expression has been “Oh my!” So many of our past SuperPrize winners, from Stephanie Gornichec to Zakiya Green to Wanda Bosh, have said “Oh my” during their winning moments.

You know what else we’ve heard a lot? “It’s real!” Stephanie Gornichec and Larry Brown both exclaimed this phrase when presented with their Big Check. Why of course we’re real guys!

Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, ID

Stephanie Gornichec of Boise, Idaho

Then there are the SuperPrize winners who are too overcome with shock and joy that they find themselves with no words at all. That’s right – completely speechless! Even Doris Gray, our first-ever $5,000.00 A Week For Life winner, was speechless when the Prize Patrol surprised her in front of a lunchroom full of cheering students.

Doris Gray of South Orange, New Jersey

I want to know blog readers, what YOU would say if you won the big SuperPrize? You know…if the Prize Patrol surprised you with a Big Check for $5,000.00 A Week For Life! Do you think you’d scream “Oh my” in your winning moment? How about “It’s real”? Or would you say something else completely? Or perhaps be speechless?

Please share your comments below, you know how we love to hear them! And please, please, please enter! You can do it today and everyday at pch.com. Or why not do it at pctv.com where you can watch winning moments, then enter to win! I can’t think of a better way for you to get pumped up for a possible “Oh mywinning moment of your own!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

110 thoughts on “What Would YOU Say in Your Big Check Winning Moment?”

  1. Gloria Lewis says:

    #PCH #June 30,2014 Gloria Lewis of Albany Georgia I would look up at the sky an say Thank You Jesus Christ for blessing me to bless other.

  2. jn says:

    probably i don’t believe it :)

  3. Lewis Wade says:

    add your comment here I don’t believe I don’t believe this God is blessing me thank u my godi never thought this could happen to me.

  4. After you guies wake me from my Faint,I would say Thank you Jesus and ALL of PCH members.

  5. Gary Huether says:

    wow if PCH People win me to change my sequences and my BIG DEBTS, because I love all PCH people to win me its a wow, an after they win me I wil tell them if you want to go to a restaurant close to my house close to eat food and drinks I will pay all for you at that restaurant with you. thanks

  6. Larry Copeny says:

    First Thing that I would do is Thank GOD – BIG Thanks to”PCH” Thank my Wife for not giving up on me remaining spiritually connected through the tough times. Remoldel my mothers house to make it more accessible for her to get around in when she feels able to and her own on suite In her new bedroom. Her being 95 years of age she needs to be pampered. Thank You Much Again “PCH” Forever”

  7. Guadalupe Castro says:


  8. With big eyes”for real”!

  9. Bobbie Hooten says:

    Please dear God and PCH let it be me. I would take god first than scream than give everyone a Big Hug than pass out.

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