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  1. Wanda Carter says:

    thanks God its time to shine I’m going to be a winner

  2. Marletta Retherford says:

    I will believe in faith of winning.

  3. Chris Burkitt says:

    Just. Ordered CCR CD. I can’t wate to get it thanks PCH.

  4. Chris Burkitt says:

    I believe that I have just a good of chance to win as anyone. And I remain optimistic an keep trying. It would do me good to get out of the hot Texas heat been working in it for 30 years an man I’m tired. So please help me out PCH. THANKS.

  5. Don’t sleep all night, I was here first!..Anyway I luv PCH !..

  6. I was first here than I think I’ll b back ufter I finish entrys! O h now what ?!..- I’m late?!.. Any way I luv PCH!! God Bless. Thanks! … I don’t slip all night again!..

  7. I was here first before 3 o’clock, but I think I maybe need to finish entrys first than I’ll comeback & when I did she was ahead of me! So now what?!.. Luv PCH! Thanks!..

  8. I am not being selfish, but I am praying to GOD it is me. I am very much so in need..

  9. I was first on this page but I don’t think somebody at night get ahad of me & I was think I need do the entry first than make a post! So I win any thing by entry or by post?!.. Thanks. Luv PCH.

    1. Victoria At PCH Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Lyudmila,

      Posting a comment is not a way to enter into the PCH sweepstakes. You can enter by going to and clicking “Begin”. This will take you to the entry process.

      Victoria At PCH

  10. the time is now to present the prize to the best,For i know i doing my best.

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