A-MAZING! PCH Awards Big Money On The Price Is Right!

When I heard that Danielle Lam and the Prize Patrol were going on The Price Is Right to award big money, I was overwhelmed with excitement! It’s been my favorite game show since I was a little girl, and I couldn’t believe what a great match-up this was going to be! As soon as she got back in the office, I sat her down for a one-on-one interview to get all the dish! And of course, I just had to share with all of you!

Amanda: You’ve been all over the country awarding big money. What was it like to award prizes in Hollywood on The Price Is Right?

Danielle: A-MAZING! And definitely more star-studded. It was nice to know that the winner was actually going to be there. On our normal Prize Patrol trips, we never know if the winner will be home!

Amanda: Did that take away any of the suspense?

Danielle: Not at all! We still had no clue when we’d be giving out the big money! It all depended on whether the contestant hit the $10,000.00 mark in Plinko game! If they did, we’d double the prize to $20,000.00! We were waiting behind-the-scenes crossing our fingers!

Amanda: I couldn’t believe that the very first contestant, Summer Johnson, hit the $10,000.00 mark and won $20,000.00!

Danielle: Me neither! We were all so shocked! I guess we had Hollywood luck on our side!

Amanda: And I saw the Hollywood luck extended to another winner too, right?

Danielle: YES, Stephen Schwartz! He won the Showcase Showdown, and we gave him $25,000.00 as a bonus!

Amanda: Now that’s big money! In a word, describe each of the winning moments to me. Summer first.

Danielle: Haha, you know I can’t stick to a word. OUT-OF-CONTROL! A-MAZING! I thought I had energy, but I’ve got nothing compared to Summer! And when I found out that she enters the PCH Sweepstakes regularly, I was doubly excited for her!

Amanda: And how about Stephen?

Danielle: TOUCHING! I loved how he brought his son up on the stage. It was such a nice family moment.

Amanda: I’m a huge The Price Is Right fan myself and always wanted to spin that big wheel. Did you get to do it?

Danielle: YES!

Amanda: I’m so jealous! Is it as heavy as it looks?

Danielle: It’s heavier! The first time I spun it behind the scenes, it didn’t even go all the way around. The second time, it landed on 5 cents. Guess I was missing that Hollywood luck!

Amanda: If you, Todd and Dave were contestants on the show, who would win?

Danielle: Me, of course!

Amanda: Last question … how many times have you re-watched the show?

Danielle: 5 … OK, 10 … OK, 20 … I don’t know, I lost count! I can’t stop watching…can you blame me? It’s A-MAZING!

Well there you have it folks! Tell me…have YOU watched The Price Is Right contestants winning big money from the Prize Patrol? How many times? Do you think they’re A-MAZING? Comment below and let us know!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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