How Our First Prize Days Winner Got Her Big Check!

Your Neighbors: The Prize Patrol’s Best Friends

One lesson you can take away from watching the Prize Patrol surprise our many winners:


Neighbors are one of the most valuable resources for the PCH Prize Patrol. They can provide us with crucial information about a winner’s whereabouts…. often preventing the Prize Patrol from simply sitting in the van for hours… watching… waiting.

This was definitely the case on April 12th in Queens, NY. Danielle Lam, her mom, and I headed out to surprise the first of the April Prize Days winners. Tiny Bowens was the winner of $5,000.00 and we were excited to make the short trip – Queens is right in our “backyard.”  So on the beautiful Thursday morning, we gathered our flowers, balloons, and Big Check.

Danielle rang the doorbell of Tiny’s home. No answer.

Danielle knocked on the door. No answer.

After some waiting around, it was clear that no one was going to open the door. So what now?

Plan B! Danielle and I separated and took the block by storm. We knocked on door after door, but a lot of Tiny’s neighbors weren’t answering either! It wasn’t until our fourth attempt that we finally found someone to help us. Tiny’s neighbor and friend informed us that she was definitely home – they had only spent the morning exercising a short while before. While she eagerly went to call Tiny to instruct her to open the front door NOW, Danielle and I ran back to Tiny’s steps with the Big Check in our hands.

And you know how a winning moment goes… “Surprise! It’s the Prize Patrol and you’re a Prize Days winner of $5,000.00!” Tiny was extremely grateful and shocked by her luck – and the Big Check. She’s been entering for 10 years and had entered as recently as the night before. All along, Tiny always believed in PCH and waited for her lucky day to finally arrive.

Congratulations to Tiny! We hope the prize will bring happiness to her – whether she uses it for bills or for some personal pleasures.

This was a great start to the Prize Days Big Check deliveries. Remember, if you’re entering the sweepstakes, you better make sure you are kind to your neighbors. You never know when we’ll need their help!

Laura @ PCH

P.S. Stay tuned to the blog and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook for more Prize Days winner announcements!

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Georgina Turner said...

Laura @ PCH, I want to say Congratulations to Tiny Bowers on her great PCH winnings. I have very few neighbors that live close to our house. The good thing is I always try to keep up with all the PCH Blog post and PCH Timeline just in case the PCH Prize Patrol someday will be heading my way. My house can be seen from the main road and is well known in town as the blue barn. My job is in my home so most of the time that is where you will find me. Your friend and PCH fan. <3

gail ward said...

I need to wein so i can put my grandkids in school, and paid my over due bills.

Kanika Loeung said...

Finally 10 years that she has been entering to arrived in the year of 2012!
I would like to be extremely grateful and shocked by my luck as like Tiny Bowens too but I wish no longest like 10 year. I’d like to enjoying with the PCHSweepstakes and I’ve had a lot of fun with entries Giveaways, lotto, games, Blog,and PCHfan. That all my favorite activity.
In some day that I’m not mention about Sweepstakes and The Prize Patrol, in that day it will be my luck would come to surprise me!

Pam said...

Hi Everyone,

I love reading all the comments in PCH Blog and PCH Facebook Fan Pages.

There are some regulars, like myself, who post daily. I’m rooting for you guys!

It would be great to see a familiar name like Georgina T., Kanika L., Mrs. A.T., and all, win a prize. It’s like cheering on a contestant on a game show or reality show, in a way, and hoping a favorite wins.

Much Luck to the PCH Bloggers and to all who enter the sweepstakes! Am looking forward to next week and May 31!

Have a good trip Dave and crew! We all hope to see you at one of our front doors! :D

<3 Pam

HazelBloom said...

Congratulations Tiny!!! You look very excited and it’s always great to see a smiling face! Still awaiting my lucky day! I dont care if it’s 50.00 or 5000.00, I would like to win something, anything! I haven’t entered for twenty yrs or anything but I think I am just as deserving. Plus it’s suppose to be a game of chance, right! Good luck everyone May 31st is soon to come! I’ve entered as much as I possibly could and i will continue to do so. Hoping my efforts pay off! Until we meet Prize Patrol sending lots of love!

Mrs. A.T. said...

PCH, I will probably be at home, if not you would have a long time to wait. Neighbors are few and wouldn’t know where I was. We were best friends, just different schedules and happenings in our lives now.

Ashley P said...

Do you know yet what day the April 15th prize will be awarded? Was it turned into the $10,000 prize awarded earlier this week because the prize number wasn’t returned? Thanks a bunch and good luck to everyone!

Lillian Smith said...

never won anything in my life, maybe one day I’ll be bless they say good thing can happen to good people. what god has for you is for you.

Joseph Ralph said...

congratulations to tiny b. and u guys always and u all deserve it a lot! how about if someone win the “tax-free” $1 million yet? good luck to everyone always

tasha abbott said...

Hi I was just wondering if the $5,000 a week is really what it say’s? $5,000 every single week for the rest of my life. It would be so great.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Tasha,

    That’s right! Of course you would have to pay taxes on this money as per state and federal regulations, but the actual prize is $5,000.00 Every Week For Life.

    Victoria At PCH

angela gauntt said...

you could win no matter where you live in the u.s or is it certain parts = )

Pamela Crutcher said...

Congrats to Tiny!!

madeline savage said...

April,19,2012 at 7:14 Hi Tiny bowens: I am so happy for you, it can not happen to a better person than you. You won 5,000.00 a Week for life.I know this can and will cash out for me.

Lisa N said...

Hi Laura & every1!


Michelle Bonilla said...

Hi pch people, my name is Michelle Bonilla i Hope to become a winner plz .i been playing for many years.plz help me

Norma Gill said...

I’ve been entering and buy magazines and merchandise from PCH since 1964 and have NOT ever won ANYTHING!!. I still wonder if their sweepstakes are really on the up and up, or if the so called winners are paid a said amount to make it look real. I did know someone who had won the Readers Digest sweepstakes when they had theirs. I still continue to enter everything and buy magazines and merchandise like a fool. I really shouldn’t be buying anything on a fixed income, like the fool I am, I continue to do so, in hopes of good luck striking me .

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Norma,

    Please don’t feel obligated to buy anything. No purchase is ever necessary to enter or to win any PCH sweepstakes. Buying doesn’t improve your chances of winning either. In fact, entries are processed before we look at whether that entry contains an order or not. PCH Sweepstakes winners are chosen at random, and each entry has the same chance of winning. You never know who will become the next BIG winner, so don’t lose hope!

    Victoria At PCH